5 Summer Activities to Do With the Family

With the kids out of school for the summer it’s essential to keep them active and engaged to stave off the inevitable summer boredom, not to mention it’s the perfect time to implement some good old-fashioned family time. This means coming up with a variety of activities that appeal to everyone in the family, which can be a difficult task to accomplish. If you feel like you’re idea arsenal is running dry, try these five ways to get the family interested in spending plenty of time together this summer.

Activities to Do With the Family:

1. Start a garden

Let each family member pick the type of fruit, vegetable, plant, or flower that they want to grow and then plot out a space in the front or back yard to start a garden. Working in the garden together and watching it grow will be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

2. Purchase a fun Groupon

Groupon is routinely featuring interesting and different activities that the whole family can enjoy for a fraction of the cost, and what better time to cash in on one of these then this summer? Pick something that you never would have done before, like sailing or rock climbing, and take advantage of the low price for a fun-filled adventure with the family.

My kids and I used my Groupon to visit the Adventure Science Center

3. Designate a game night

Pick one night a week that is designated as family game night and then bust out all of the board games. Order pizza and play a few different games throughout the night.  Sitting around the table as a family playing games will be the perfect chance for everyone to unplug for a few hours.

4. Organize a monthly pot-luck dinner

Talk to the parents of your children’s best friends and organize a monthly pot-luck dinner, alternating which family hosts the other families. This is a great way to get to know a few different families, and the longer daylight hours are perfect for BBQs and outdoor feasts, and large games of tag and hide and seek.

5. Alternate who picks the weekend activity

Each weekend let a different family member choose a family activity to do. You’ll appeal to each person in the family this way and get a chance to spend a day doing what they’re interested in doing, whether it’s going to a water park, attending a baseball game, or playing laser tag.

Make spending time with your family this summer an important part of each week. By focusing on each person individually and on the family as a whole you’ll all grow closer together, experience new things, and make a slew of new memories.

Guest post by Monta, who is a mother of three children that serves as an Expert Advisor on multiple household help issues to many Organizations and groups, and is a mentor for other “Mom-preneurs” seeking guidance. She is a regular
contributor of “find nannies”. You can get in touch with her at montafleming6Atgmail dotcom.

What are some of your family’s favorite family activities?


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