Bridgestone Environmentally Conscious Dueler Ecopia Tires For The New Year

Upon a recent oil change visit, the dealer informed me that I needed new tires.  What?!  Already?  I knew I would not choose that same brand again.  So how much will that cost me, I asked?  He gave me one tire choice and one price.  I wasn’t impressed with the lack of choice and the lack of information so I took myself over to another car maintenance company.  Here I was impressed, at first.  They started telling me all the tire terminology and they showed me what they thought were the best two tire choices for my car and proceeded to tell me why the most expensive set was the best for me.  OK, I thought, safety and the quality tires are important to me to I was ready to fork over the money but then the noticed those tires weren’t in stock and started telling me why the other tire they had showed me before as not as good was actually better.  I felt frustrated so I left and went home to research tires on the internet for myself!  I found the Dueler Ecopia Tires by Bridgestone.

ecopia tires eco tires

Dueler Ecopia Tires Deliver Better Gas Milage and Lower CO2 Emissions

Here is what sold me on the Ecopia tires:

“Delivering a smooth, comfortable ride, as well as reliable wet handling and braking, the Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia is the perfect tire for environmentally conscious SUV, CUV and light truck owners seeking better gas mileage and lower CO2 emissions without sacrificing wear.”

It was like they read my mind and delivered every single thing I could ever hope for in a tire– all with a 65,000 mile warranty!  Thanks Bridgestone!  I knew I wanted the smooth ride with the safety features but I had no idea I could find tires that would improve my gas mileage and lower emissions.  Now I was truly impressed.

Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia Key Innovations

• Fuel Saver Sidewall Compound – Helps lower rolling resistance by both returning more energy back to the tire and reducing heat generation as compared to a traditional sidewall.

• Continuous Ribs – Provide traction and reduce heat buildup on tread while decreasing noise.

• Silica-Based Fuel Saving Tread Compound – Helps to deliver improved rolling resistance, which contributes to reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while delivering strong wet traction.

ecopia tires treads

Impressive Ecopia Statistics

The Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia demonstrated:
• Forty-two percent improvement in rolling resistance when compared with a conventional Bridgestone tire.

• The lower rolling resistance for these Ecopia tires can result in roughly 4 percent better fuel economy when compared to a conventional Bridgestone tire.  This helps with gas savings at the pump and really adds up over time!

Bridgestone Ecopia Tire Review

I love my new tires! They arrived via the UPS truck. I loaded them into the back of my SUV and took them to be installed. They look great and I feel the difference in braking big time. Even my five year old son told me he noticed we stopped quicker right after I had them put on. (It took me a little bit to get used to reducing my breaking pressure after the new tires were installed.) I also took a rood trip ane I do think I am getting a bit better gas mileage, although I am no expert at figuring out those things precisely. I am totally pleased with my Ecopia tires and pleased to know that there is an environmentally conscious tire choice!

ecopia tires on my rouge

For more information on the Ecopia line, visit:

To learn more about Bridgestone’s environmental initiatives, visit:

I was provided with tires in the hopes that I would share my honest opinions. I received no monetary compensation and the opinions expressed are my own.


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