HP Envy 15 And RealSense Kid Apps Get Kids Moving

RealSense Kid Apps

HP Envy devices are some of the first with Intel RealSense technology which can be utilized in the workplace and/or at home. I have been exploring theHP Envy workplace uses for awhile. Now, with the kids out of school for the summer, I am starting to explore RealSense kid apps that get the kids moving […]

Skill-Learning Camps in Middle Tennessee

Lipscomb Law Camp Counselors (2013) and I (myself in the middle)

Traditional camps with sports, crafts and camping are always a good idea and they teach many life lessons. However, as your children get older, doing the same thing every year will start to bore them. As your children grow up, they will also be searching inside of themselves for who they want to be. This […]

Overcoming Mental Abuse in Relationships


Abuse in relationships has become very widely accepted. Physical abuse has become so common that most people are numb to its existence and effects, and every other type of abuse isn’t even considered abuse anymore. Because of this unfortunate reality, many voluntarily continue to suffer every day and encourage the habitual cycle as their children […]