Clever LED Nightlight Solution From SnapPower

SnapPower LED nightlight

This is really one of those genius ideas that is so simple but so useful.  I love this clever LED nightlight solution and I am sure you will too.  This post is sponsored by SnapPower, makers of SnapRays Guidelights (the genius LED nightlight solution I was telling you about.) LED Nightlight That Doesn’t Take Up Outlet […]

We Dare You- Small Steps To Making Healthy Choices

healthy breakfast choices

I am all for healthy living. When you stop and think about it, health is one of the most important things you have. It is also something that we tend to take for granted when we are in good health. This healthy living post is brought to you by United Healthcare. Three Dares For Making […]

Face Painting Is Fun For Kids and Adults

Face Painting Tips

My kids love face painting. I am doing face painting for my daughter’s birthday party this year and I am excited because it is always a popular choice and lots of fun for me and the kids. Face Painting Tips: *Professional face paint is a little more expensive, but it is so worth it because […]

Best Tricep Exercises To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms

Natalie Jill

Great news! I have a quick video to share with you on the best tricep exercises to get rid of those flabby arms! I am honored to have Natalie Jill, fitness and nutrition expert, share with us this packed 7 minute exercise video that shows you the best tricep exercises and the best part is […]

2015 New Music Showcase- Country’s Hot New Talent

Marty McIntosh Country Music

Y’all know I live in Nashville so naturally, I enjoy good live country music. I don’t have a chance to get out without the kids very often but when I was invited to the 2015 New Music Showcase, I couldn’t resist. It was really fun to get to hear some of the hottest new talent […]

Teami Detox Tea Review and Giveaway

Teami Detox tea giveaway

As spring approaches, it is a great time to start to detox and reach weight loss goasl! There are three important elements to this process- detox, eat well, and exercise. This post is brought to you by Teami Blends, makers of natural detox tea. Teami Blends- Tea Blends For Health And Detox Tea Teami Blends, […]

Totspot: Free App Lets You Buy And Sell Kids Clothes

Totspot Free App

As a parent there is one thing you can count on- your kids will be outgrowing whatever clothes you buy them! Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell your kids’ outgrown clothing and buy new clothes all through an easy to use free app? You can. This post is sponsored by Totspot, a resale […]

Exercise For Heart Health Tips And The Address Your Heart With Campbell’s Pinterest Sweepstakes

Pinterest Sweepstakes

February is Heart Month so it is a great time to make sure you are practicing a heart healthy lifestyle. Heart disease is the number one killer of women so it just makes sense to incorporate a few a healthy choices and exercise for heart health. This post is sponsored by Campbell Soup Company. All […]

Beautiful Earth Natural Personal Care For The Whole Family- Review and Giveaway

baby breathe easy chest rub

You all know I am into healthy living, so naturally, I am also into natural personal care products. This post is sponsored by Beautiful Earth, natural personal care for the whole family. The opinions expressed are my own. Beautiful Earth Natural Personal Care For The Whole Family Beautiful Earth uses natural ingredients with absolutely no […]

A Mission To Make Access To Medication Affordable In The USA


Prescription medications can be expensive! Has there ever been a time when you were not able to afford your prescription medication? You are not the only one! This post is sponsored by Sirum, a non-profit organization on a mission to make prescription medication affordable to everyone in the USA. Are you one of millions of […]