Fall Fun Bucket List

Fall Fun Bucket List

Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  The season is filled with so many traditions from my childhood and so many fond memories since.  As a child I looked forward to creatively carving pumpkins and the tradition of roasting the pumpkin seeds after.  I still love roasted pumpkin seeds and now my children […]

Teaching Kids Independence Supports The Whole Family

tips for teaching kids independence

Yes, like the Fourth of July we can break out the fireworks and celebrate independence when our child learns simple tasks and in turn takes those tasks off our “to do” list! Often times we may miss this celebration because we fail to see that small growing pains now, mean bigger mommy free time rewards […]

Mom Appreciation- CEO Celebrates Mom In A Big Way

mom appreciation

Mothers know that there is a lot of putting your children before yourself, a lot of hard work and time you devote to caring for your kids, and a lot of stinky diapers!  Seriously, becoming a mother is such a growing experience when you realize that you are responsible for shaping the present and the […]

Journal Ideas: How to Fill the Pages

Journal ideas

Do you have any blank journals waiting to be filled? Have you been meaning to start a record of your thoughts and experiences, but just haven’t found the motivation or consistency? Maybe you have received a journal as a gift, or bought one hoping to start writing daily. Personally, I just have a fascination with […]

Doctor On Demand App Makes Doctors Available Anytime

Doctor On Demand App

There seems to be an app for everything these days! They just keep working to make our lives easier, like this doctor app! The Doctor On Demand App gives you access anytime to a healthcare service that provides Video Visits with Board Certified Physicians, Psychologists, and Lactation Consultants via smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers! This […]