Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes and Crock-Pot Giveaway

New Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes

Three exciting new flavors of Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes are rolling out nationwide this fall. There is nothing like the ease and convenience of crockpot dinners, especially in the fall and winter when the warmth just hits the spot.  Just a few minutes of prep time, fresh meat, veggies, and a Crock-Pot mix, and you’ll be serving comfort food everyone loves.

Crockin’ in the USA Recipe Contest on Facebook

To celebrate the roll-out of the Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes, they are holding a slow cooker recipe submission contest on Facebook– the ‘Crockin’ in the USA Contest‘ kicks off November 1 and runs through Dec 17.  The winner gets $8,000 (for a year’s supply of groceries), a year’s supply of Crock-Pot Mixes, and Recipe Fame!

You also have a chance to win a mini Crock-Pot Giveaway right here!

 Crock-Pot Giveaway:

One lucky reader will receive one 6 quart Crock-Pot Stainless Steel Finish Smart-Pot Slow Cooker and a 3 month supply of Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes. (ARV$75.)

CrockPot Giveaway Dates:  November 1- November 19, 2012 Midnight CST

How to Enter:  Enter through rafflecopter- just sign into the widget and click the entries you want to complete.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Details:
Open USA, age 18+ to enter. Winner announced right here on November 20, 2012.  I will select the winner through rafflecopter and notify by email. Winner must respond within 4 days or the prize will be forfeited. Your email will not be shown and will be kept private.  Prize provided by Crock-Pot.


  1. Lisa Neutel says

    S&S chicken, so easy.. chicken breasts, ketchup,brownsugar a bit of water and spices..let cook forr 5 -6 hrs yummy

  2. Leann Lindeman says

    My fav is pork or chicken with rotel, and some garlic, a few mexican seasonings. Shred and it is ready for tacos!

  3. Darcy Novak says

    Instead of using hamburger for my chili, i sometimes take steak and cut it into small pieces. If you get the right steak it’s soft and tastes great in the chili.

  4. Stephanie V. says

    never used a crock pot but always wanted one so don’t have a favorite yet. would love some sort of pork mexican style casserole

  5. says

    I don’t have a crock pot so I would have to take a guess and say my favorite crock pot recipe would be some sort of chili or stew. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Colleen Maurina says

    My favorite crockpot recipe is just a boneless pork roast with Johnny’s Seasoning. It’s so good as a roast and also for pulled pork sandwiches.

  7. Nicole-Lynn says

    My favorite crock pot recipe is BBQ Chicken! It’s just a cup of your favorite BBQ Sauce and pineapple tidbits drained and a package of thawed boneless, skinless chicken breasts! So easy and delicious.

  8. Karla Sceviour says

    I have never used a crockpot before,because I never owned one,so therefore do not have a favorite recipe,,thats why I really would love to win this,thanks! I would probably like to make chili in it.

  9. Julie Thompson says

    I don’t really do recipes I look at what I have for ingredients and then I just start creating and cooking and everyone always devours. Happy Holidays!

  10. Terri Herman says

    Old fashion pot roast ~ roast with garlic salt, some onions, sliced mushrooms. Add a bit of cornstarch for thickening. Yum!

  11. randi says

    I love to make pork roast & cover it with a sliced onion, garlic salt, pepper & sauerkraut & serve with mashed potatoes!

  12. Christy says

    I like to put a frozen chuck or round roast in the crock pot in the morning. Drizzle the roast with your favorite thick teriyaki sauce. Sprinkle a package of onion soup mix over the top. Chop up some potatoes into about 1″ to 1 1/4″ cubes and places them around the roast. Let it cook all day on low and dinner is ready when you get home that night.

  13. Heidi Gail says

    I put a bag of split peas, a chopped onion, a couple chopped carrots, and a meaty ham bone in the pot with some water. About 6 hours later I take the meat off of the bone and put it back into the pot. When the soup looks the way I like it, we eat it.

  14. Kaci Harrison says

    I love any kind of stews in my crock, beef stew, beef and noodles, pork and saurkraut, soups, I love my crock =D

  15. Marcia Goss says

    I like to fix a boneless chuck roast with cream of mushroom soup and a packet of onion soup mix. It comes out really tender and makes delicious gravy.

  16. says

    beef roast with potatoes and carrots cook the roast overnight (add an auju mix and water, then in the morning add the potatoes and carrots and you will have a delciuos meal that was easy to make

  17. Jennifer T. says

    My favorite recipe is a Sausage-Bean Soup that uses 1 lb of cooked bulk Italian sausage, 1/2 c chopped onion (softened), 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tsp basil, and a can each of tomatoes, beef broth, black beans, and butter beans. Three to 4 hours on high. It’s quick and easy and so good with a crusty bread to soak up the broth.

  18. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I found this pork chop slow cooker recipe online and it is delicious. I can’t claim it as my own but I sure can tell you how good it is. Add 1 can of whole cranberry sauce to the slow cooker and then add your seasoned pork chops on top of that. At this time you may add raw sweet potatoes on top of the pork chops. Cook for 6 hours on low heat or 4 hours on high heat. If you do not use the raw sweet potatoes, add 1 large can of sweet potatoes 1 hour before the chops are done. This is so delicious. My family does not want me to cook pork chops any other way.

  19. Heather says

    i love just tossing chicken in the crock pot and whatever veggies and spices i have lying around. my crockpot doesn’t cook on low properly… i would LOVE to win a new one!!

  20. Selene M. says

    Roast – chuncks of carrots, potatoes, onions and celery topped with beef roast, topped with cream of mushroom soup, dried onion flakes, beef boullion, salt and pepper. Add 1/2 cup water down the side.

  21. Racheal S says

    I’ve never owned a crock pot or eaten a crock pot meal (I feel very left out!) but the first thing I would try to make is pulled pork.

  22. says

    2 bottles BBQ sauce and a small jar of grape jelly. Mix in crockpot and add: 1 kielbasa,sliced into medallions, 1 bag Lil Smokies, 1 bag meatballs.Heat thoroughly.Great for game and race day!
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

  23. beth shepherd says

    pulled pork – pork loin and a 2liter of root beer – cook on slow for 8 hours – drain and add favorite bbq sauce- great stuff!

  24. Nancy says

    I like to cook Split Pea Soup in the crockpot: bag of green split peas, lots of water, chopped carrot for color, and a chopped onion, and a meaty ham bone for flavor. Cook for 6 – 8 hours – yummy!

  25. margaret (peg)m says

    i don’t have a crockpot, so i don’t have a fav recipe…but the first thing i’d make is probably a homemade stew.

  26. Sue says

    I used to make my Dad’s chili in a crockpot before mine broke. It’s comfort food to me and whisks me back to my childhood. :)

  27. Krystal M says

    We like to throw a roast in there! We’ll add in broth to help keep it moist, as well as onions, potatoes, and carrots. Yum!

  28. Tamar says

    I make a Jewish dish called a chulent which is made with onions, flanken, barley, beans, and potatoes with spices. Awesome.

  29. Margaret O'Connor says

    Love cooking with a crock pot. One of my favorite crock pot recipes would be barbecue boneless country pork ribs. Easy and delicious.

  30. Sylvie W says

    I’ve never owned a crock pot so I don’t have a favorite recipe. I’m eager to win because I’ve enjoyed meals my brother has prepared with his.

  31. Marge Bowman says

    I would love to win this for my daughter!! She is asking for one for Christmas, what a great savings this would be for me! Thanks for the chance!

  32. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    My favorite crock pot recipe is Pulled Pork, pork roast, 1 can root beer and cook on low for 7-8 hours. Pull apart and add bbq sauce to taste :)

  33. Carmen says

    For the chicken for chicken fajita’s, I throw a whole chicken breast in the crockpot and cover it with my favorite salsa, set on low and head to work. When I get home I stir it up with a fork and it shreds up nicely, then just use it to fill your shells or wraps and your fave toppings.

  34. says

    well I do love corn beef and cabbage. But I have a funny crock pot story. Ya see once upon atime, I lived in a not so nice area. One day I got broken into. Literally, they kicked in my bathroom wall to get in. My fault really I shouldnt have locked the door. Any way they took everything (not that I had much) everything except my crock pot. Spent the summer eating crock pot meals and shooing the birds out of my shower curtains.

  35. says

    I put pork chops or a pork roast in the crockpot, top it with beef broth and a can of cream of mushroom soup. Then cook until tender. Delicious and soooo easy!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  36. Starletta Schipp says

    I use my crockpot – or as I call her, Mrs. Cleaver, very often. I really enjoy making apple butter for the holiday gift giving.

  37. kathy pease says

    I would make a beef stew I have no recipe I just throw in veggies beef and gravy..whatever I find in my kitchen 😉

  38. Missy L says

    BBQ chicken is my favorite easy recipe. Just chicken and a bottle of my favorite bbq sauce. When I take out the chicken I reduce the sauce in a frying pan until it’s more glaze-like. And then serve it over the chicken.

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