Four Essential And Free Photo Apps For Summer

You only have a few weeks before BBQ and swim practice season are upon us.  But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with four (free) photo apps your family will love – and your friends will need to know about.

Photo Apps You Will Love:

Snapseed – Editing is a Snap
(iPhone / iPad / Android)
Snapseed packs all the power of a professional photo editing toolkit, into a clean user-friendly interface.  A simple pinch and swipe motion enables you to add one of 14 ways to edit with Snapseed – from tint to crop to frame.  Unlike some photo editors, Snapseed never degrades the resolution of your photos, as you make adjustments.
WideAngle – Your Photo World – Simplified
(iPad / iPhone – May 2013)
free photo apps you will love / Family Focus Blog
WideAngle is like your photo genie – magically tying together your photo collections from Facebook, Instagram, your iPhone and more (you can Facebook and Instagram friends in WideAngle too). WideAngle provides a powerful set of photo remix tools – so you can view a photo map of all the pics taken at last weekend’s swim meet or build a quick slideshow for your upcoming family reunion in Missouri.  WideAngle connects to Snapseed for photo editing and shares photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Dropbox or email.
Videolicious – Be a (Music) Video Star
(iPhone / iPad)
Videolicious takes all the stress out of video production by simplifying the process into three easy steps – select the video clips and photos you want to use, add a short narrative (optional), then add music from your iTunes.  Videolicious has a wide array of custom effects that are fun to try and so easy to use, that by the end of the summer your kids will be documentary film editors.
PostalPix – You Can Take it with You!
(iPhone / Android)
Because life doesn’t wait for you to go grab your Nikon, the developers behind Postal Pix created an easy way for parents to keep lasting memories from their children’s lives captured on their phone. PostalPix makes it easy to turn photos from your camera roll into photo prints, mouse pads, etched aluminum plates, phone cases or more!
Guest post by Jesse Stein of Wide Angle.

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