How to Make The Ultimate Cardboard Fort With Your Kids

When it’s raining and cold inside, your children are kicking up a fuss, and none of the ordinary tricks will calm them down, there’s one great option you should always keep in mind: building a fort out of cardboard boxes.

Not only are cardboard boxes usually free, but the creative ways you can put a cardboard fort together and the cool add-ons you can attach to them can really help fire your child’s imagination, as well as keeping them out of your hair for the afternoon.

How To Make The Ultimate Cardboard Fort

how to make a cardboard fort

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When the usual offerings of shiny toys have failed to placate your tiny tyrant, what do you do?

The cardboard fort is a long-established way of dealing with troublesome tykes, giving them an outlet for their creative urges as well as their destructive ones.  Hopefully these cool examples will give you an idea of some especially interesting things you can do with these cardboard forts that’ll keep your kid occupied for hours.

1. Design A Cardboard Fort For Kids

Let’s face it. The adult world can be boring.  Unless you’re an art teacher or a wizard, your days of unbridled imagination are most likely behind you. The harsh facts of reality tell us that most of us aren’t even art teachers or wizards, but rather insurance agents and data entry clerks and such-like.  Find your creative side again and have fun seeing your child’s creativity as well!

Create a totally wicked awesome cardboard fort in the style of a children’s show! Mixing and matching styles in this way is fun, interesting for your kid, and as you can see, more than a little bit adorable.

2. Make Cardboard Fort Tunnels

There’s nothing that intrigues a child of a certain age more than something half-hidden.  By giving your fort tons of cool tunnel secret passageways and ramps, you can make sure that your tiny builder gets their hands on some prime cardboard real estate.  You can do tunnels by themselves or between houses!

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The process of exploration alone should take up a good hour or so, before they’re satisfied they’ve explored every nook and cranny. The actual building and playing with the fort itself should fill their day completely, leaving them happy and contented, and all with the simplest, cheapest materials you can lay your hands on.

3.  Add Fancy Features to Your Cardboard Fort For Kids

A very fun addition to your cardboard fort is the drawbridge. Using anything to hand to make a hole, and simple string to raise and lower the drawbridge, it’s such a simple idea – but it can completely transform the fort in your kid’s eyes into a much more wonderful place.

You can use the same technique for windows, roofs, and even other bits of fort (if you’re feeling adventurous and have bits of fort to spare)!

Save Your Cardboard Fort For A Rainy Day Activity

Building a cardboard fort is an excellent way to spend a rainy day with children from just a few years old until their teenage years and admit it – you know you’ll have just as much fun helping them to build it.

It’s great for their imagination, and the best forts encourage total interaction with bits that wobble, shake, fall down, go back up and lead to all sorts of unexpected places.

The cardboard fort is, in short, an invaluable back-up plan that can really save you serious stress, and can save your kid some serious boredom. Just don’t play this ace too early! Keep the cardboard fort for when you really need a distraction, and you’ll thank me then. Trust me.

Guest post by Louise Blake, an excited first time mum to be, and spends most of her free time nesting and getting the nursery ready! She also spends her evenings blogging mainly about baby related topics!


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    What a brilliant idea! You can have your own play house out of those boxes.. Awesome! I wish my husband thought about doing it for our kid and her playmates..

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