Incredible Medical Tales: Top 7 Most Unusual Birth Stories

To an expectant mother, giving birth is a miraculous and often strange experience. Some birth stories, however, are truly bizarre because they involve outrageous circumstances or an incredibly rare occurrence. People are fascinated by these stories, which is why shows featuring unusual births such as “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” have become staples of reality television. The following stories are some of the strangest, and most terrifying, that have ever been recorded by the news.

Unusual Birth Stories

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  1. Winning the Birthday Jackpot

Michigan mother Barbara Soper celebrated the birth of her second daughter Cearra on 10/10/10. This birthday is fairly rare by itself, but she also gave birth to a son on 09/09/09 and her first daughter on 08/08/08. Since the odds of this happening are roughly 50 million to one, she would have had a better chance of getting struck by lightning in a storm. Despite these incredible odds, she insisted that none of the births were planned. She might want to seriously consider buying a lottery ticket, then.

  1. “Twinning” – Twins That Do Everything Together

One of the most common stereotypes that annoy identical twins is that people think they literally do everything together. With the case of these sisters, it’s sometimes true. Not only did Amy Gilbert and Allison Oliverio give birth at the same hospital but they also delivered at nearly the same time, with the babies born only 14 minutes apart from each other. Fortunately for these identical twins, the babies were not the same gender, giving them living proof that not everything about them is the exact same.

  1. Rambo Has Nothing on This Mother

Rambo III introduced movie fans to a painful scene in which the hero cauterizes a wound with gunpowder and fire. While medical doctors strongly discourage self-surgery, sometimes people face incredibly desperate situations. Ines Ramirez, for instance, lived 50 miles from the nearest hospital and had no access to a phone or transportation when she started to go into labor. After hours of constant pain, she performed a Caesarian section with only rubbing alcohol and a kitchen knife. Amazingly, both she and her baby survived an ordeal that would put John James Rambo “Rambo” to shame.

  1. Never Drive And Deliver

There are many activities that drivers shouldn’t perform because they can cause accidents or put them at risk of getting a hefty fine if observed by a police officer. Amanda McBride didn’t plan to give birth on the way to the hospital, but because her husband experienced seizures that made him medically unable to drive, she had to take the wheel into her own hands. Fortunately, her husband was there to assist by keeping the car steady while she successfully gave birth.

  1. The Octomom

Multiple births are a handful for new mothers, which is why those who can afford it will often hire nursing and medical assistant professionals for extra help. An extremely large number of multiples can lead to instant fame, however, which drives some women to take major medical risks. Nadya “Octomom” Suleman became famous in 2009 for giving birth to a living set of octuplets, but the news quickly turned sour when it was discovered that she was unemployed and that her doctor had violated standards by transferring 12 embryos during in-vitro fertilization.

  1. A Treetop Medical Miracle

Even during the worst catastrophes, miracles can take place, which is what happened in 2000 when deadly floodwaters covering Mozambique forced Sofia Pedro to give birth in a tree. Fortunately, an air force rescue team had arrived on the scene and assisted her with the successful delivery of her daughter Rositha. Although several people lost their lives during this tragedy, Sofia and Rositha’s story is a testimony of the human will to survive against all odds.

  1. Vintage Sperm Preservation

A piece of chicken can last up to a year in the freezer without losing its quality, but who knew that frozen sperm can last for over two decades? Chris Biblis, who was diagnosed with leukemia, which is a cancer of the blood cells, in 1986, was encouraged by his parents to cryogenically freeze his sperm before undergoing treatment that would render him sterile. 21 years later, he miraculously became the proud father of a healthy daughter. Not only does Biblis’ story give hope to other young men facing cancer treatment, but it also reveals the enormous advances that have been made in fertility medicine.

While some of these unusual birth stories might give some expectant mothers cause for worry, it’s highly unlikely that any of these situations will happen. Most deliveries are perfectly ordinary events when the mother-to-be is administered by a team of medical and health care professionals. These stories never make the mainstream news, but they remain an unforgettable part of a family’s life.

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My own daughter’s birth was pretty unusual.  I had a Footling Breech Home Birth!


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