Milo’s Kitchen Dog Treats Review and Giveaway

Best Dog Treats Ever!  I have to tell you that Milo’s Kitchen Dog Treats are the only dog treats that my daughter ever wanted to eat!  I kid you not!  I had just opened up the Milo’s Kitchen Beef Sausage Dog Treats and I was marveling at how much they look like real slices of sausage, so much so that I smelled them, and they smelled yummy!  Then two minutes later my daughter came in the room and I told her to go give some to the dogs.  She pulled them out and said,  “Can I eat them too?”  When I told her no she said, “Aww, Mom, why not?  They smell so good.”  Now that is an impressive home-style dog treat!

Milo’s Kitchen, is a new dog treat released from Del Monte Foods.  Milo’s Kitchen conducted a Pet Parent Survey and it revealed some rather interesting almost humorous statistics. Here are a few that may interest you:

· 81% of American dog owners consider their dogs to be equal members of the family  (Having kids, I have to say not quite equal.)

· 77% of American dog owners talk about their dogs as if they are a human family member  (I may be guilty of this on occasion.)

· 58% of American dog owners are comfortable calling themselves nicknames such as “Mommy” or “Daddy” when referencing their dogs (I totally do that.)

“Milo’s Kitchen™ Home-Style Dog Treats are 100% real jerky, sausage slices, and meatballs. We believe dogs deserve treats made with the same of quality of ingredients and care that you want with your food. We’re pet parents too. That’s why we make each treat with the love and care your dog deserves.”

We are talking good real ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors.  That is why they actually smell like what they say they are!

GIVEAWAY DETAILS:  One reader will receive one Large (15-20 oz) bag of Milo’s Kitchen Natural Home-Style Dog Treats, variety of winner’s choice.  ($19.99 value)

Giveaway Dates:  May 26- June 9, 2011 Midnight CST

How to Enter:
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Giveaway Rules:
GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! Thanks for entering and good luck! Winner selected through and notified by email- #166, dorothy.

I was provided with the treats in the hopes that I would share my honest opinions.  I received no monetary compensation and the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. says

    I gave my dog the Milo chicken and he has been having diarrhea . I took he to the vet my vet said to stop giving my dog the treats and see if it clears up. I will post agian in a couple of days to see if it clears.
    Also I read the package and these treats are make in China. I should have read before buying. There are no regulations in china for dog food products.

  2. says

    Recently I had to put my 15 yo poddle down. She had kidney failure and it was getting worse. She was having diarrhea and urinated frequently. She was confused and the vet said her kidneys were in failure he said it was time. My dogs ate the chicken strips. My 2 dog is 13 yo and he has CHF. I recently took him to the vet foe diarrhea and he has been very tired doesn’t want to eat. he is starting to act the same way my other dog did. I told my vet he said to stop given him the treats. Hopefully it will clear up and my dog will get better. Also his kidney levels have gone up and they were not that high last month when he went to the vet. I feel guilty that I my have got both my dogs sick. MADE IN CHINA BEWARE!!!!!

  3. rachel says

    I bought Milo Jerky Treats for my awesome “little man” Mister-cocker spaniel as a reward and they made him very,very,very sick. He got really bad diarhea and then started passing pure blood. All this within 4 hrs. We rushed him to the Vet but he was too dehyrdated and too week. We had to put him down the following day. PLEASE People, if you love your pets- DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOGS MILO TREATS. I feel so bad because I gave him that treat. :(

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