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I recently discovered It is the leading social marketplace that works with over 6,000 small businesses.  It is sort of like Amazon and Pinterest had a baby!  You can connect with your friends and you can show your favorite products love by clicking the heart button.  Another fun thing is that you can leave comments and people comment back.  It really is very social.  I have seen this idea of social shopping before but OpenSky Marketplace is the best execution of the idea that I have seen.

OpenSky Marketplace Social Shopping Is Fun For Shoppers

OpenSky is a marketplace where you can see people’s feedback on the product or ask questions about the product and have people actually answer you.  You can follow your friends on OpenSky Marketplace with a tool that helps you locate your gmail or facebook friends.  You can also follow celebrities with interest similar to your own like Alicia Silverstone if you have vegan interests or Bobby Flay if you are a foodie to see what products they like.

OpenSky Marketplace Is Great For Small Bussinesses

OpenSky empowers emerging brands and small businesses to create their own shops on the OpenSky platform, connect and engage with OpenSky’s 3 million+ shoppers and ultimately sell their product- all in one place!

“OpenSky is more than a community, it’s a movement, to discover, share, shop and grow the world’s most exciting emerging brands. Together we’re democratizing commerce by making connections between creative and passionate small businesses and shoppers who crave quality and diversity.”

Open Sky Marketplace
OpenSky Marketplace has product categories for Women, Men, Kids, Home, Kitchen & Food, Fun, and Health & Beauty so you can find lots of great new products that will interests you.

5k+ stores,  35k+ products, 3m+ members, 60m+ connections
Go ahead and join in the fun of OpenSky’s new way to connect the world’s small businesses to the world’s consumers.  Explore at


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    Love your Blog ! – I am a Dad trying to get three daughters through College and still have 10 cents left over ! This is going to help Me a lot – Instant Fan !! Thomas Gillis

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