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NASHVILLE – TRACES, the acclaimed show by the Montreal-based troupe 7 Fingers, arrives at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Andrew Jackson Hall for eight performances on February 19-24.

Last night I had the opportunity to see the first show of the Broadway at TPAC series, TRACES.  The show is a mixture of theater and acting, music, dance, street stunts, and artistic expression.  Don’t expect Cirque du Soleil if you have plans to see this show. Instead, look forward to a gritty, casual, and intimate performance by a group of friends with an artistic edge.

Traces at TPAC

Though the show is rated for all ages, I would not advise parents bringing younger children.  The show is more appropriate for teenagers who can handle the more mature tone.  Throughout the show, intense and loud music combined with strobe lights is used.  Some of the acts include what I consider interpretive dance and spoken word.   If you appreciate unconventional and introspective performances with cool stunts and street-savvy acrobatics, TRACES is right for you!

TRACES ongoing until this Sunday, February 24.  Tickets range from $15-$60.

For more information, visit TPAC’s TRACES information page.

TRACES, which has been called “a whole new kind of awe-inspiring theatre” (NBC TV), is spectacularly anti-spectacle, relying instead on the fantastic abilities of the performers, individuals who appear to be nothing more than a group of friends, just as easygoing, affable, and potentially clumsy as the guy next door—until they unleash ninety minutes of heart-stopping acrobatics and unbridled energy that leave audiences breathless and exhilarated. TRACES is the ultimate affirmation of life and a celebration of the particular talents of endearing young artists so eager to please that they literally jump through hoops for you.

Post written by Annabelle Absar who received media tickets in the hopes that she would share her honest opinions.

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