5 Freeze Dried Foods To Use On Camping Trips

Sleeping outdoors, enjoying nature, cooking over a campfire—these are just a few of the many reasons that approximately 40 million Americans go camping every year, according to the Outdoor Foundation. More outdoors lovers are discovering the advantages of taking light weight food supplies like freeze dried foods camping.

Lightweight, easy to prepare and delicious, freeze dried foods make the perfect addition to your camp dinner menu. All you need is boiling water to rehydrate and cook all kinds of meals, and cleanup is a breeze because the food comes in ready-to-eat pouches.

To prepare freeze dried food for camping, simply add boiling water to the food pouch in the amount recommended on the packaging. Stir the contents, mixing completely. Then, close the pouch up tightly and let it sit for the right amount of time, generally around 10 minutes. Open the pouch up and stir the contents. You can eat your freeze dried foods right out of the pouch and eliminate dirty dishes.

Favorite Freeze Dried Foods To Use On Camping Trips

5 Freeze Dried Foods To Use On Camping Trips

Here are five freeze dried foods to take on your next family camping trip that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Eggs and Bacon: When you’re camping, you don’t have access to refrigeration, which makes it tough to bring eggs and bacon along. With freeze dried eggs and bacon crumble, you can wake up sleepy campers with scrambled eggs or omelets. Just rehydrate the eggs and bacon, then toss them in the frying pan.

Macaroni and Cheese: Consistently named as a favorite food for most children, macaroni and cheese is a staple for many families. Even when you are camping, your children will still most likely beg you for their favorite meal. Satisfy their craving and provide them with a hot lunch by using freeze dried macaroni and cheese. It comes out creamy and hot—the perfect comfort food for little ones who may be missing home a bit.

Chili: After hours of hiking, swimming, fishing, boating or simply exploring, your campers will be starving. Chili is high in protein—just what the body needs to maintain energy. You can choose between a meaty version or a meatless variety, depending on your preferences. Chili’s powerful flavor and hearty goodness makes a satisfying dinner for campers of all ages at the end of a busy day.

Drink mixes: Because you’ll need to stay hydrated, pack some freeze dried drink mixes for your camp kitchen. From apple juice and pink lemonade to chocolate milk and hot cocoa, you can add any number of flavors to water to entice you to drink more. When your body is properly hydrated, you’ll be better able to exert yourself in the summer sun.

Ice Cream: Believe it or not, you can enjoy ice cream far from civilization when you bring freeze dried pouches of ice cream or ice cream sandwiches on your next camping trip. You don’t need to rehydrate this tasty treat—just eat it straight from the package. Freeze dried ice cream contains plenty of flavor and melts in your mouth. It’s a wonderful way to satisfy your sweet tooth when you are far away from your freezer.

 Have you ever tried freeze dried foods on your camping trips?

Guest post by Dirk Puckett who writes about food storage, emergency preparedness and a self-sustaining lifestyle.

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