5 Characteristics of an Ideal Male Role Model

While men have the capability to create marvelous wonders and achieve feats of human excellence, they also can fall victim to drug addictions, reckless mistakes, and poor decisions stemming from overconfidence. An ideal male role model does not simply avoid these habits; they have qualities that stop them from ever arising in the first place. These role model qualities are worth striving to cultivate because they possess the ability to act as an impenetrable barrier that protects the success and integrity of his life. These qualities are important to exhibit to your children and develop in them as well.


Willpower is the ability to act through adversity for the sake of a greater purpose. Ideal male role models will often have overcome poor circumstances or gracefully dealt with problematic situations in creative, intelligent or reckless ways. In some cases, they might use a combination of these ways to achieve their goals. The ability to pull energy from within themselves to reach success is an absolute must in a role model. If they were faced with something as threatening as a severe drug addiction, they would respond with the willpower to live their lives without the need for chemical sedation or elation.


Confidence is a quality of belief that pushes a simple “yes” from the mind out into the world. Something like traveling into outer space takes a great deal of confidence, though there’s also plenty of work that goes into exiting the atmosphere as well. Even if they aren’t certain of how to do something, a great male role model will be confident that it can both be done and be done by them.


Flexibility is not just a physical quality. A person that is willing to vary their strategy and mold themselves into whatever is best for what they wish to achieve is acting with a dynamic mentality. Imagine a car that also turns into a submarine, plane and spaceship. There are some situations where it might be best for it to fly, but some situations will demand for it to become a submarine. In life, trying the same approach in every situation is an easy way to fail. A great role model will know when to become relaxed, focused, dedicated, irreverent, intense and any other state of being that helps them to better manifest their intentions.


Respect is the art of understanding, accepting, considering and honoring one’s surroundings. Most people don’t have any trouble respecting a wall: they know to walk around or climb over it without trying to mindlessly push through it. They respect that the wall is there, it is real, it has immutable properties and it affects everything else around it. An ideal role model not only respects others and themselves, but they also respect the inanimate properties of the world around them. If they were to be challenged by anything from an angry pedestrian or a drug addiction, they would respond with understanding, acceptance, consideration and honor.


Finally, a great role model persists in spite of setbacks and failures. The goal is more important to them than giving up is. Once they have committed to a decision, it is most often as good as done. There will be certain circumstances where a commitment may no longer serve them, and this is where being dynamic becomes even more important. While a great role model will always commit themselves to reaching their goals and desires, they will also be willing to sacrifice certain commitments if they hinder, impede or no longer serve them.

Guest post by Julie, who is a blogger and anti-drug activist living in Florida. She recommends visiting www.gulfcoastdrugrehab.com/florida-drug-rehab if you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction.

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