5 Tree House Design Ideas The Kids Will Love

Tree houses are fun, creative spaces where children can play the old fashioned way using their imaginations. The whimsical aspect of the structures often provide enjoyment and aesthetic appeal to adults as well. Even though it is tempting for do-it-yourself types to grab a set of blueprints and head to their local hardware store, it is best to consult a building professional when deciding to construct a quality tree house. Professional builders develop tree house designs that are structurally sound for the chosen location and that fits in with the rest of the landscape. Here are five fanciful tree house design ideas that appeal to both kids and grown ups.

Fun Tree House Design Ideas

#1 Sherwood Forest Inspired Castle Tree House

castle treehouse design idea
Castle treehouse design idea- photo via highlifetreehouses

A property abundant in foliage and deciduous trees seems to beg for a quaint castle inspired tree house.  The architectural features of this type of tree house varies to include elaborate medieval accoutrements like miniature turrets, drawbridges, and even water features. It also may be scaled back to a simpler design that includes special molding, spiral staircases, or swinging bridges between adjacent trees.

#2 Polynesian Beach Cottage Tree House

beach treehouse design idea
Beach treehouse design idea- photo via pinterest

As with traditional homes, location is a key consideration for choosing a tree house design. If one is blessed to live near a nice coastline, a builder might recommend creating a Polynesian inspired beach tree house that enhances the main residence. Similar tree homes perched beside turquoise hued water feature sturdy bamboo accents and panoramic picture windows made from impact proof glass.

#3 Eco-Friendly Condor’s Nest Tree House

eco-friendly condor's nest treehouse
Eco-friendly condor’s nest treehouse design idea- photo via Moon to Moon

An excellent way to train future environmental engineers is to pack their tree houses with eco-friendly features. A great option is always LEED certified new home builders. Utah among many other states offer environmentally conscious construction firms to give home owners ideas about using reclaimed wood or other recycled building materials for this type of project. One’s tree house may even be equipped with solar or wind energy collectors and electrically wired for further enjoyment.

#4 Farmhouse Inspired Tree House

farmhouse teehouse
Farmhouse teehouse design idea- photo via lumberjocks

Building a farmhouse inspired tree house is a great tribute to the joys of country living. One such design features a small bedroom, living space, bathroom, and small working kitchen. This type of tree house is perfect for older children who want a peaceful place to play, relax, or study. The space could also double as a guest house for visitors. Tree home owners could eventually expand the miniature farmhouse to include some farm critters like chickens or a small organic garden at the tree’s base.

#5 Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse Design Idea- Photo via Indulgy

This type of tree house has a simple structure that is enhanced by functional features like buckets and pulleys that allow the inhabitants easy access to snacks served from below. Other accents for this type of tree house include multiple ways to exit the lofty abode like zip lines, slides, and even a pole similar to the one used by the caped crusader Batman.

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