5 Ways to Ignite Your Child’s Passion for Science

Sometimes it seems like kids enjoy science about as much as they do vegetables. Yet, parents know that an enthusiasm for science can lead to better grades in school and an exciting, useful career in the future. Through science, kids learn to ask questions, to try experiments and to let their curiosity lead them in unexpected directions. Encouraging an interest in science is easier than you think. After all, subjects of scientific curiosity are all around us.
kids with science goggles

Ideas For Getting Kids To Enjoy Science:


1. Visit a Local Science Museum

Most relatively large cities have a science museum, zoo, aquarium, planetarium, children’s museum or other institution.  Even the local history museum can be a valuable resource. At the science museum, kids get to try hands- on experiments and interact with fun exhibits. At zoos and aquariums, they encounter hundreds of diverse species that can help to develop a child’s curiosity. The history museum may be a useful tool for discovering the science of geology and the preservation of artifacts. The possibilities for scientific discoveries at museums are practically endless.

2. Get a Kids Science Kit

Every zoo, museum and aquarium has a gift shop, and not every item in stock is a stuffed animal or a t-shirt. Found among the more mundane souvenirs are scientific experiments and learning kits designed to help foster a child’s curiosity about science. These hands-on activities are exactly what kids love best. They might build a volcano or rocket. They might get a microscope that is like those found at school and student microscopes have a multitude of uses. Whether they are studying a leaf or a strand of hair, using a microscope can be an amazing experience for a child.

3. Help Kids Explore Outdoors And Talk Science

Take a hike on a trail to get kids exploring the outdoors. Take pictures of trees, plants, animals and insects. Bring a field guide or later, look up the photograph subjects in books and online to discover their species and learn more facts about them.

4. Join a Kids Group

Whether it’s the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H or another organization, involved kids enjoy plenty of opportunities to explore the world around them. Check with your local nature center or school and see if there are any science clubs or outdoors groups for kids.

5. Take The Kids On A Trip To The Library

A community library is a tremendous resource of scientific knowledge. Plenty of books about science that are written for kids are available in one convenient spot. Supplement the books with a little exploration on the Internet. For instance, reading a book about marsupials can be augmented by watching online videos of animals in the wild.

Guest post by Hayley, who is an amateur scientist, author and blogger residing in Portland Oregon. Would you like to find an assortment of fun and interesting science projects for your child? Visit chemistry.about.com today.

I have to say that as a biology major, this subject is dear to my heart. I love science! I find it fascinating! My kids love science too. Cartoons like The Wild Kratts from PBS are great for inspiring an interest while they are young. My kids love science kits! Who wouldn’t have fun making slime, changing liquid colors through reactions, and making volcanoes? Remember, your enthusiasm is catching! Have you tried any science experiments that you kids just loved?

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