Behind the Scenes of Flicka 3 Movie Filming

If you had asked me a year ago, I would never have dreamed that I would be part of a press entourage that got to go behind the scenes of Flicka 3 (a Twentieth Century Fox Movie). The flicka 3 cast is starring Clint Black, Lisa Hartman Black, and Kasey Rohl.

Where was flicka 3 filmed?
Well, I am glad you asked!  Flicka 3 was filmed in Kelowna, Canada, BC.  Flicka 3 is going to be a gorgeous family film to watch because the Kelowna is just so beautiful and the Flicka 3 cast were all so passionate and committed to their roles.I enjoyed every minute of the behind the scenes of Flicka press trip because I was able to see the  filming of Flicka 3 and to  interview several of the Flicka 3 cast!

When I arrived in Kelowna, BC, Canada, I was awed at the beautiful view at the Manteo Resort where I stayed.

When we arrived at the farm where they were filming the Flicka 3 movie, I was equally blown away by the huge sweeping views, the amazing colors, and vibrancy of the setting.

About Flicka 3, The Movie

Flicka was a 2006 movie adapted from the 1941 children’s novel My Friend Flicka by Mary O’Hara.  Following the success of Flicka, Flicka 2 showed how this special horse can change lives and introduced Toby (played by Clint Black.)  After talking with the cast, I can tell you that Flicka 3, directed by Michael Damian, will tell the story of one girl (played by Kacey Rohl) and how her friendship with Flicka 3 helps her find herself again and brings her family together.

Flicka 3 will truly be a family film in all senses of the word.  Not only is the film theme appropriate for families and oriented around a family, but it is also made by and with families.  It is produced by Janeen Damian and directed by Micheal Damiam- husband and wife team.  Flicka 3 also stars husband and wife, Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black, and introduces their daughter to the screen for the first time as well.

Quotes from the Flicka 3 Cast and Producer:

“Flicka 3 is the story of finding yourself again after a loss.” Kacey Rohl


“Flicka has a way of bringing a family together with her big heart and firey spirit… Through Flicka’s strength, Kelly is able to find strength for herself.”  Janeen Damian

“It was daunting to be in the film with my daughter.  She had just started 5th grade and we had to pull her our and get tutors.  But as moms and women we learn we really can do it and it has been great.”  Lisa Hartman Black

Lisa Hartman Black

“What I love most about Toby is that he is a cowboy and I’m a cowboy at heart… he’s light hearted and keeps his head above the drama.”  Clint Black

I have to say that it so was much fun getting to meet Clint Black.  He was just so charismatic and funny!  Kacey Rohl was full of energy and spunk!  Lisa Hartman Black was super friendly and seemed oozing with wisdom.  They were all very committed to their roles and it was great getting to hear them talk about ways they prepared and the feelings of their characters.

Underlying messages in the Flicka 3 film, according to Clint Black:

“You can overcome your own shortcomings.  There is something more to people than just what you think you see.  Can do attitude.”

I personally can’t wait to see Flicka 3 with my family when it comes out!

Kacey Rohl Interview On Her Role in Flicka 3:

Here is a little clip of our interview with Kacey Rohl that I downloaded to youtube!

I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive the set visit to flicka 3 so that I would be able to provide coverage.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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