DIY Easter Decor: Embroidery Thread Easter Eggs

embroidery thread Easter eggs

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve been on a little bit of a Holiday-themed kick recently. I will share a little secret about myself, you might have already picked up on it, but I love the holidays, in every way imaginable; the activities, decorations, treats…You name it! As we all know, Easter is […]

Space Saving Tips For Bringing Baby Home


It’s perhaps one of the first few thoughts that crosses a young couple’s mind when they find out they’re pregnant, “Where are we gonna put the baby?”  No matter how teeny babies can be, they sure seem to require a whole lot of stuff, and that stuff takes up space. Whether you’re just getting established […]

How To Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly

eco-friendly bathroom tips

Transforming your bathroom into a “green” space should be on every homeowner’s to-do list. It can mean a full-scale remodel or completing smaller projects you do one at a time. Budget and how much you spend on utilities often factor into the projects you take on versus the ones you might save for later. Since […]

5 Creative Ways To Decorate Eggs This Easter

decorate eggs for Easter

Now that Easter is just around the corner, we are all scrambling to find new and innovative ways to decorate Easter eggs. I’ve scoured Pinterest to find the most creative ways to decorate eggs this Easter! These lovely blogs have topped the charts with novel ways to decorate eggs this year and I’m so excited […]

Transitioning From Nursery To Kids Room

kids room fabric

It seems that all of life is about change.  As a mother I quickly realized that life is a series of phases.  Your child grows and changes so quickly and it is a rush to keep up with them and at the same time slow down enough to savor it! Here are some design tips […]

DIY Tree Bookshelf Tutorial


This is a really fun DIY project for a unique book shelves for a kids room. The idea comes from Ken Wingard and he talked about this DIY tree bookshelf on the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show.  Home & Family airs weekdays at 10/9 am on the Hallmark Channel.  DIY Tree Bookshelf For A […]

Easy DIY Home Projects to Makeover a Room

DIY home projects to makeover a room

The interior of a home can often begin to look old and outdated rather easily. There is no need to hire a designer to come in and do the work as there are plenty of DIY home projects that can be done to spruce up the space. Take ideas from magazines and home improvement television […]

Tips For Creating A Relaxing Bedroom Hideaway

relaxing bedroom decor tips

You can master the art of relaxation at home by using these tips for creating a relaxing bedroom hideaway.  Winding down after a long week of work can be harder than it seems. Our daily mundane tasks in the workplace can take over our lives and spill into our home lives, as well.  That tension […]

Top Ten Ideas for Decorating A New Home

ideas for decorating a new home

One of the greatest things about decorating a new home is that you are working from scratch, rather than figuring out how to transform your thoughts into the ideal home décor setting.  Here are ten ideas for decorating a new home.  I hope these decorating tips help you plan the perfect space for you and […]

DIY Wooden Wall Clipboards- Great For Holiday Decoration

DIY wooden wall clipboards

This DIY wooden wall clipboard project was contributed by Monica and Jess of “Knock It Off!” on the Live Well Network.   I think it is just great for the holidays. The holidays are a fun time to decorate, but with all the other events and celebrations usually there’s not a lot of time and […]