Headboard DIY Project

headboard diy

I have been headboard shopping for a while it and it can be hard to find just what you want and hard to shell out all those big bucks when you do! That is why I love the idea to make a headboard. I am so glad to share with you this headboard diy project […]

How To Make Crayon Melted Art

crayon melted art

This is a step-by-step tutorial for crayon melted art decor! This is great project for anyone looking to add some color to their walls. This is an extremely safe project for the kids as well. There are endless options with crayon art decor; you can stick with a color scheme or choose from any image […]

Wine Cork Craft For DIY Valentine’s Day Decor


This is a step-by-step tutorial for a wine cork craft that makes for beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day decor! This is a great project whether you are looking to decorate for Valentine’s Day or if you are looking to entertain the kids. If you do not collect wine corks many craft stores sell them in bulk. […]

Valentine’s Day Centerpiece- DIY Valentine Decor

Valentine's Day Center Piece

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your very own Valentine’s Day centerpiece! Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and what better way to decorate than a little DIY project. This is such an easy craft yet so elegant. Feel free to add hearts, pink flowers or anything else to give it a […]

Creative Ways to Hide Electrical Cords and Devises in Your Home Décor

hide electrical cords

As TVs change (can you believe we didn’t used to have flat screen TVs?!) and electronics advance, most homes are encountering a problem- how to hide electrical cords and electronics themselves in your home decor.   Today, I have an expert to share with us some tips to hide power cords and tech.  As an […]

Easy Felt Heart Valentine Garland

Valentine Garland

Last week I shared how to make yummy Popcorn Heart Valentine Treats.  Today I have a tutorial on how to make this Easy Felt Heart Garland for Valentine’s Day.  It is quick to make and easy enough for the kids to help, especially stringing it together.  This heart garland looks cute hung on the wall, over […]

DIY Rustic Valentine’s Decor


I love using found items around the house to create art pieces for decor (or found in the husbands shed works too) especially for the holidays since those items only have a shelf life of a month or less. I also enjoy combining rustic, natural pieces with bits of softer, more colorful items.  After playing […]

Lush Decor Lux 6 piece Comforter Set Giveaway

Lush Decor Lux 6 piece Comforter Set

Lush Decor is providing one Lux 6 piece Comforter Set for giveaway to one lucky winner. Affliate Link Included I love bedding because not only is it soft, and comfy, and inviting, but also because it contributes so much to look of the bedroom. I love how changing comforter sets can give you room a […]

Ultimate Holiday Home Gift Guide – Room by Room

home gift guide kitchen gift ideas

These home decor gift ideas are brought to you by Tailored Living, smart home improvement and organization for your lifestyle. Ultimate Holiday Home Gift Guide   The season of giving is coming full steam ahead, and now’s the time to get started on those holiday wish-lists for friends, family, and loved ones. If you’re not sure where […]

DIY Embellished Hand Towel

embellished towel final

No matter what your decorating style you can create beautiful embellished hand towels to customize your home decor inexpensively. While you CAN sew on your ribbon or fabric, hot glue is the quickest and easiest, this towel is meant for decoration only, not daily use, and shouldn’t require washing. Ribbon is so cheap and comes in such […]