Decorating a new family home on a budget

Moving into a new house is one of the most exciting times. Not only are you moving into a new home with the people you love – but you get to make this space your own – and make it somewhere you love visiting and love coming home to.

There is of course one issue here though – and that’s the budget. I mean, let’s face it – after purchasing a home and moving all your furniture across, you might not have all the money in the world to decorate your new abode exactly how you’d like. And decorating can be expensive – especially if we’re not in the know and we don’t know the tips and tricks surrounding interior design on a shoe strong budget. Keep reading though because I’ve got some great suggestions on how to decorate on a budget and to make that new house feel like your forever home.

Tips for Decorating on a Budget

1. Use Photographs

Photographs are the quickest and easiest way to make a new home feel more like your own. I’d always opt for show stopping pieces though – not just tiny frames. Professional printing is now completely affordable too – so you can get your beloved family photographs printed for a bargain price. I’d recommend Printer Pix for affordable loveliness – you can get huge canvas prints of your favourite family photos for bargain prices.

2. Update the details

Think about changing smaller things rather than purchasing big things. Think of it this way – instead of buying a new sofa right away (when your bank balance may not agree) you can update your cushion covers instead.  This will add some colour to the room and can completely tie in patterns and decorations too – which will always make a room feel more homely. A few cushion covers as opposed to a new sofa and chair set – bargain alternative!

3. Paint one wall

If you don’t want to splash out on lots of paint and painting tools – then why don’t you just paint a featured wall instead? Choose one wall in a room (this concept works particularly well in the lounge and bedrooms) and watch how it can completely transform a room from ordinary to incredible. You can then choose some small accessories to match the color.

4. Head to bargain stores

There are loads of cheap stores out there that can provide you with lovely home ware for bargain prices. I’d recommend Primark for those of you in the UK and Walgreens for those of you in the US. You can get some great pieces in these stores for absolute rock-bottom prices and no one except you is going to know where they came from.

5. Use Pinterest

Instead of spending tones of cash on interior design magazines (which let’s face it – is going to set you back a fair bit of cash) use the wonderful world of Pinterest instead! Pinterest is a hive of inspiration and you’ll find so much more inspiration on there than you’d ever get in an interior magazine! And it won’t cost you a penny!

Guest post by Elle who works with Printer Pix, and loves helping families and couples make their house a real home!


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    Some awesome ideas here! I love using pinterest for inspiration instead of design magazines. Because magazines usually end up adding to clutter when you’re finished with them.

    Going to check out your blog now…

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    This is a great post and I agree that a lower budget is a big constraint on redecorating – but if you have a young family or are juggling work with family, time is also an issue! I think that getting the kids to help out where possible is a good idea – why not create a hand print collage that could become a feature wall in a bedroom, for one example?

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