Detrimental Effects of Plastic & Impact Of Recycling Plastics

If you have ever tried to avoid using plastic you will quickly notice how pervasive it is. Plastic has become a huge part of everyday human life but it has also become a huge part of of human waste in landfills and plastic is even building up the ocean in floating, swirling masses.

Plastic in the ocean
Plastic in the ocean

Infographic on Importance of Recycling Plastic

Only about a third of the plastic that could be recycled actually is. This infographic from has a lot of information to inspire plastic recycling.  I was shocked to learn that people in the Millennial generation (today’s high schoolers, college students, and young adults) are much less likely to properly recycle plastic and other materials than those in older generations!  We need to all get on board with realizing the importance of recycling plastics.  I hope this Infographic on Plastics helps inspire you!

Plastic Infographic

You may want to print this recycling plastics infographic  and post it or share it on Facebook.  Awareness of the problem is the first step to creating action to change the problem.

Ten Uses For Plastic Caps

Eco Crafts


Do you have any plastic recycling tips you want to share or ideas for avoiding the use of plastic when possible?


  1. says

    One thing that I have changed in the last 2-3 years is that I very, very rarely buy bottled water. I have to be pretty darn thirsty with no other water source around. I always keep 2 stainless steel water bottles in the car, one for me in the front seat and one for my son in the back seat.

    I even wrote our city’s zoo and urged them to stop selling bottled water and instead sell stainless bottles and have filtered drinking fountains for people to use to refill their bottles. Last time we went to the zoo, we could only find one drinking fountain and lots of places selling bottled water. The zoo never replied to my e-mail so it will be interesting to go next summer and see if anything has hopefully changed.

    More people need to write to companies, zoos etc… urging them to stop selling bottled water. Your info graphic is a good thing to send on to these places too!

    Thanks so much for your post!! :)

  2. says

    Amazing stats! It seems that after all these years recycling is rarely built into systems at restaurants, schools, churches, etc. even though we know better. Wouldn’t people recycle plastic if there were always an easy to use place to deposit it?

  3. Lawanna says

    When we lived in the West, nearly everything was recyclable. Our new area has very limited recycling. We take ours to a community bin and the only plastic they will accept is plastic bottles. No other plastic. We have a big can in the garage that gets filled with recycling and we empty it about every 10 days.

  4. Christopher Marrero says

    Hello, I am raising funds to open plastic recycling sites where ill pay people by the weight they bring in and would like to put in every school and make donations of whats collected.

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