Epoxy To Spiff Up Your Garage Floors

Tired and sick of your old, dull concrete floors?  Dull and boring floors give an appalling look to any space, be it the living area of your home or the manufacturing unit of your commercial property. These days, a variety of flooring options are available in the market for individuals who want to add richness and sheen to their concrete floors.

polished concrete

Benefits of Epoxy For Your Garage Floors

One such option is epoxy concrete flooring because it provides a number of benefits. You will find this flooring option in almost every space as it has gained a lot of popularity. Some of its top benefits include:

Environment friendly
Slip resistant
Odorless and protection from microbes
Insect and moisture protection
Easy maintenance
Applicable on all types of floor
Durable and offers resistance to chemicals
Withhold heavy foot traffic
Long lasting

If you are a garage owner and want to spice up your garage with a beautiful flooring option, you must consider having floor epoxy coatings done on it. Apart from transforming your old garage floor into a new one, it will make your floor look more beautiful than ever. To get that extra sheen on your floors, you must know how to epoxy garage floors in a better way.  Epoxy is a great way to add color to concrete flooring and though you can perform this job on your own, taking help from an expert may be a good idea.


A flooring contractor has the right skills and knowledge for installing different types of floors. When you are searching for one, take help of different resources to assist you finding a good professional. A reference from your friends and co-workers will help you find a good professional flooring contractor. Never forget to do a background and accomplishment check on them as an incompetent contractor can ruin your entire project.

Narrow down your search to 5 or 6 epoxy concrete flooring contractors and meet them personally to know more about their services. A professional contractor will listen to your needs patiently and then would offer you details of the flooring materials for your floor.  These professionals are trained in their field and should provide you an estimate cost of your flooring project. Once you make up your mind to work with any one of them, ask the professional to give you everything in writing so that there are no disputes later.

Epoxy is a great low cost solution for spiffing up your garage concrete floors.  If you have epoxy coating on your garage floors, please share your experiences with having it done and how you like it!

Guest post by Christopher Lavin who is the owner of Xtreme Polishing Systems, a complete source for all industrial, retail, and epoxy concrete flooring. Visit xtremepolishingsystems.com for more info


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  2. Melissa J Young says

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