Hotel Casa Turire Luxury Eco Hotel in Costa Rica

Hotel Casa Turire, Turrialba, Costa Rica, is a gorgeous luxury hotel with Rainforest Alliance Verification for sustainable tourism. The group of reporters I was with had the pleasure of speaking with, Jana Dangle, the manager of Hotel Casa Turire about why they got verified and what the benefits of verification are for them.

Hotel Casa Turire

While tourism is a vital source of income for many developing countries, it can also result in pollution, degradation of land, inefficient energy use and cultural exploitation.  The Rainforest Alliance seeks to prevent the negative effects that tourism can have and offers training to tourism businesses in order to provide them with the education and  tools to run efficiently and sustainably. Businesses that have completed the Rainforest Alliance verifcation program earn the right to use the Rainforest Alliance Verified™ mark on promotional materials making it easy for travelers like me to know that I am making a positive impact by when I select a verified hotel or tour operator.

hotel turire lobby

Hotel Casa Turire

In 2007, Hotel Casa Turire started on the road to Rainforest Alliance verification. It took about one year for them to get verified. The biggest change was becoming more aware of what they use and how much they use. They do lots more training now with the staff.

hotel turire dining area

Hotel CasaTurire-
21 years old and based on a plantation home style
40 acres with a farm and located right next to a lake
16 rooms
30 employees, all Costa Rican

Hotel Turire Pool

Hotel Casa Turire was approached by the Rainforest Alliance and told about the verification training. Hotel Casa Turire was attracted to it because they wanted to maintain their reputation as one of the best hotels in the area and be leaders. The liked that the verification would help set them apart and they already were trying to do things in a good way to it made sense that they would be able to learn how and achieve recognition.

Lake behind Hotel Casa Turire

The Benefits of Rainforest Alliance Verification For Casa Turire

The workers like the guarantee that verification provides that the workers will be able to get health benefits and Hotel Casa Turire likes the employee satisfaction and happiness.
The workers learn sustainable practices that they can bring home with them like conserving water and recycling and it helps the whole area improve.
Verification helps with acceptance of new practices because the staff knows these are things that have been adopted because they are beneficial and work.
All of the employees feel proud that they are doing their part to protect their natural resources.
The manager feels that many Europeans chose them because of verification.

What is sustainable tourism to you?

Being sustainable environmentally has also helped them be sustainable economically because it helps create better relations in the community and cuts down on transportation and costs when they are able to trade services in the community.

Breakfast at Casa Turire
Breakfast at Hotel Casa Turire- everything comes from their gardens or local community

All of their beautiful Tropical arrangements are grown on Hotel Turire grounds. Their farm includes animals, flowers, fruit, vegetables, and herbs.  Everything on the menu comes from their community- Turrialba, Costa Rica.

Casa Turire Gardens
Just one small corner of the massive Casa Turire Gardens

Ways in Which Hotel Casa Turire Works With The Community

The hotel works with local school to implement recycling programs in the community which benefits them as well because people don’t throw stuff on the side of the road.
They plant food bearing plants for the social program for kids and pregnant or nursing moms. Hotel Turire lets kids help with planting and they do replanting whenever needed.
They also host educational programs for the kids in the community providing food and activities.

Hotel Turire grounds

We toured the beautiful grounds of Hotel Turire, some of us went horseback riding, some took a canoe out on the lake, and I tried out the message and it was amazing!

canoeing at Hotel Casa TurireHorses Casa Turire

As beautiful as Hotel Casa Turire was with its luxurious, large rooms, fancy dining area, lovely pool, and relaxing common areas, my favorite part was how genuinely excited they are to be running a hotel that is sustainable and a benefit to the community.

Sustainable Tourism Casa Turire Hotel room balconyhotel turire large room with king bed

Learn more about the awesome work the Rainforest Alliance is doing and enter to win the “Picture Our Planet” Photo Contest to win your own trip to Costa Rica. You may also want to read, Interview with Ronald Sanabria, Rainforest Alliance Vice President of Sustainable Tourism.


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