Keeping Your Campsite Child-Friendly

Going on a camping adventure is a trip that the whole family will certainly love.  However, when camping with kids, you need to take extra precautions to make sure that the campsite is child-friendly and safe.

campsite child-friendly

Tips for Child-Friendly Camping

Fire Safety For Children

One of the biggest safety concerns for kids on a camping trip is the blaze of the fire. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that it is put out at the end of the night. However, keep little ones away from the flames to avoid injuring themselves. Another idea is to bring a portable fire pit, as long as the camp site allows them. Since these have shields over them, there is more protection from the heat.

Keeping The Campsite Comfortable For Kids

You might be able to hike for hours on end or sleep on a hard bed, but that doesn’t mean your children can. Go for shorter walks and bring along plenty of water and snacks so that no one dehydrates or feels faint from the heat. Kids may get cranky if they don’t sleep properly, so bring along an air mattress, sleeping bag, several blankets and several pillows for comfort. You may want to refer to this packing list for camping with kids.

Encourage Safe Curiosity about Nature

Chances are, your children are going to be curious about the different flora and fauna around them. Instead of continuously screaming at them not to touch certain plants or animals, bring along a book or purchase a field guide from the campsite that shows children what is safe and what is not safe. Allowing children to be an active part of the decision making process is a less intimidating way to keep them safe.

Consider the Camping Weather

Even if it’s beautiful out during the day, the temperatures can get quite chilly at night. Your children will really feel it if you’re sleeping outside, so make sure you bring plenty of blankets and warm clothes for bedtime. On the other hand, children can easily dehydrate if it’s too hot out, so make sure that they have plenty of water.  If you absolutely must go camping with kids during some of the less moderate times of the year, consider sleeping in an RV or cabin to protect little ones from some of the elements.

Camping provides an opportunity for children to become closer to nature and to unplug from video games and other gadgets for awhile. However, they do not necessarily have the same stamina and energy that adults do. Therefore, make sure that the site is safe and relaxing for them as well.

Guest post by Haliegh Adams  who is a professional writer with a special interest in knife collecting and the outdoors. Her favorite knives are Kershaw knives from BladeOps.


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