Self Regulation Kids Book: Celia The Great by Abby Jacobs

Celia the Great: Tricks for Being a Happy Kid is a kids book where the main character, Celia, discovers that her magic can help her handle many situations!   Celia finds that with magic she can be patient, use good manners, listen, and follow directions.  This a children’s book that your kids will enjoy reading and they will learn something from without even knowing it!

Kids Can Learn To Self Regulate

Celia The Great: Kids Book teaches kids to self regulate

Abby Jacobs, author of Celia the Great: Tricks for Being a Happy Kid, is an art therapist on sabbatical raising her own two children. Abby has helped children and adolescents, as well as adults, to understand and express emotion through the use of art and talk therapy. As a mother, Abby searched for ways to help her children deal with the intense emotions that arise during early childhood. Using “magic” has helped empower her children to become aware of their emotions and begin the self-soothing process. Celia’s magic tricks are used in Abby’s household on a daily basis.  Her daughter, five years old, is now teaching her son, two years old, to use Celia’s “magic”.  This books teaches kids to self-regulate in a natural, fun way.

The Kids Book, Celia The Great, is the perfect introduction to self-regulation skills for kids

What people are saying about Celia the Great: Tricks for Being a Happy Kid

“Delightfully illustrated and carefully written, “Celia The Great! Tricks for Being a Happy Kid” is the perfect introduction to self-regulation skills, emotional calming and coping with feelings. Just what every mom or dad of a preschooler needs:).”  -Dr. Lynne Kenney

“Celia is a resourceful little girl who uses ‘magic’ to help her follow rules and make her days easier. Kids will love her creativity, and parents will love how Celia has learned ways to make good choices!” —Sue Wallingford

“What a clever premise for addressing behavioral challenges for children. Because children make connections through literature, the scenarios in Celia the Great provide an opportunity for children to learn positive behavior in a magical way.”—Shelley Lawton

If you want to get a copy of Celia the Great: Tricks for Being a Happy Kid for your child or as a great gift for a child you know, you can order it on the author’s website or the book can also be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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    Most children always want to get the trust of adults, especially parents. Therefore, when adults talk to them by the tone of the trust, they will feel much more powerful and confident.

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