Kids Book Nathan and The Really Big Bully By Gerry Renert

Almost everyone was bullied as a child at least to some degree.  It is am important life skill to learn to deal with bullying and books are a great way to introduce the subject to children.  Books open up a idea to children and let them look at a topic in a safe way that is removed from themselves.  Kids then have the benefit of being introduced to the idea that bullying can happen and some possible outcomes.  Alternatively, if a child has been bullied, a book on bullying can let them see they aren’t the only one.  Such a book can let your child ask questions and about the characters and the actions and open up a dialogue.  That is why I think that Gerry Renert’s newest kid’s book NATHAN AND THE REALLY BIG BULLY would be a great addition to any bookshelf!

A Kids Book That Introduces The Topic of Bullying

Nathan and The Really Big Bully: The story of a hyena who enjoys bullying a penguin by splashing him. The penguin turns to Nathan who advises him the worst thing to do is to strike back. Nathan ends up being harassed by an elephant and becomes very angry. Will Nathan be a good role model for the penguin or will Nathan’s anger get the best of him?

It seems to me that a kids book on bullying is useful for every child as a conversation starter so that they are not caught unaware when it happens to them. Part of the deepest pain of bullying, (in my unprofessional opinion), is thinking that it is personal and for this reason, I honestly believe that reading a book or books on this topic with your child, can save them a lot of hurt. Nathan and The Really Big Bully won a Mom’s Choice Gold Award in the category of “Developing Social Skills,” and you can learn a little about it on Amazon at:

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  1. Melissa Heffelfinger says

    I was bullied all throughout elementary school because I didn’t have many friends because I was shy and didn’t talk to really anyone. Even though I was shy this girl named Lisa became my friend and to this day she is still my best friend she is like a sister to me. She would stick up for my all throughout school and I didn’t get bullied when she was around, she was like my protector. Now a days you hear a lot about bulling and I think parent’s should teach their kids not to mean to somebody because they don’t have the “right” clothes or how they “should” look like, we are all different it doesn’t matter what is on the outside it’s what’s on the inside that matters. I’m going to teach my son how to treat everyone equally not to treat one person different because of anything.

  2. ELIZA ELLIOT says

    It is sad that bullying has become so frequent. I just think parents aren’t teaching their children to ‘be kind, tenderhearted’ and ‘do unto other’s as you would have them do unto you’. Whatever happened to the golden rule?

  3. Amanda says

    My brother was a bully. To me and to other kids. I grew up with it my whole life. I make a point to teach my kids the right way to act.

  4. Margaret Smith says

    I was bullied in grammer school because I had a small speach problem. What horrible memories those days were. When my son started getting teased, my husband and I addressed the problem at school right away. It really is hard on kids when they are bullied

  5. Erika says

    I wish there was more information and campaigns with anti-bully messages when I was in school because I remember a few kids getting picked on. I’m glad there are so many schools working on this now.

  6. Donna Hart says

    This is one of those things that exist that should not exist that we must speak to our children about. Hopefully the more educated we make our children the less the problem will be.

  7. William says

    I moved around a lot as a kid. Being the new kid in school usually makes you a mark. I always managed to make friends though and after a while the bulling would stop until I moved again and had to do the same process over again. I think adults bully more then children do. Adult’s don’t call it bullying however but that’s exactly what many adults do so I am not surprised that children will bully. I have experienced the same thing in college and even at a new job.

  8. Janet W. says

    I was very shy growing up and used to get teased about the size of my ears. I never wanted to go to school because of that.

  9. Peggy says

    I work in the school as an aide and at time I see what goes on with some kids trying to be bullys…..I step in and try to teach them the right way to treat people.


  10. Jackie says

    When my daughter was young, there was a girl in her class that use to pull her hair and hit her. I think the girl wanted to be her friend, but didnt know how to go about it and was just looking for attention from my daughter.

  11. Kim Pollock says

    When I was in elementary school we had a girl that was a big bully. She pushed me at the top of a slide. She was mean to everyone, but I know her family life was tough too.

  12. Amy Green says

    A boy used to harass me every morning before homeroom. When he wouldn’t leave me alone, and even kept trying to follow me when I would be leaving on the bus in the afternoon, I got my counselor to intervene because otherwise he wouldn’t have stopped. But that took me a while because I was afraid to speak up.

  13. Hollie Jahnke says

    Last year when my son was in 8th grade a 12th grader would slam him into the lockers every time he walked past him. (We live in a small town and high school is 7-12 grade).
    The principal wouldn’t do anything about it because the kid denied ever touching him. Thankfully the kid graduated and my son doesn’t have to deal with him anymore.

  14. says

    Sometimes bullying is subtle, such as not including a child. I have seen this happen many times in lunch rooms at school. It really is hurtful to the child who is purposely not included.

  15. Emani W. says

    I got lucky and never got bullied in school. I guess my parents raised me right because I still found myself standing up those being picked on. It was sad to see.

  16. clarissa says

    in jr high i was a victim of merciless bullying. Of course, back then it was not called bullying and was really pretty much just ignored and tolerated by teachers etc

  17. Sherri says

    My daughter was bullied all through middle school. Someone even slipped an anonymous note into her locker telling her she should kill herself.

  18. amber says

    i am grateful not to have been bullied as a child, but was a witness to bullying and never spoke up. I think programs to stand up to bullies both for victims and bystanders would be great for kids.

  19. jorie rogers says

    My sonhas Down syndrome and has been bullied on occassion by other kids who simply do not understand his condition.

  20. Lara says

    I wasn’t bullied per se, but there were definitely times in school that I was aware that other people were not being nice to me, ie saying things about me. Bullying is something that is certainly on my radar as my young kids reach the age to start school. It’s really scary to think of how far and how cruel some kids can be. I only hope I can raise my kids with the confidence, good conscience, and kind heartedness to not do that and to know what to do if it happens to them.

  21. says

    My daughter was bullied so continuesly in school, she eventually broke down, yelled at all the kids and the teacher called ME, saying she had an anger issue! We homeschooled her for the next grade.

  22. tina reynolds says

    I was bullied in middle school and it really sticks with you best way to break the cycle is to teach are kids better at home. I have worked hard to teach my kids about treating everyone equal and including everyone.

  23. Lauren O. says

    I was bullied starting in first grade about my weight. It continued throughout my life until I got into my last years of high school. I never want my daughter to have to go through that and I hope she never bullies other children.

  24. kelly nicholson says

    Share an experience or related incidence about bullying.

    shut the ^ *&^ up im not telling..dont ask me again or else….sorry lol

    i dont remember that far back..

  25. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I used to be bullied all the time because I had red hair and was really skinny. I think my class only had 2 other redheads and it was hard sometimes.

  26. renee says

    My daughter’s school has an anti-bullying program and a zero tolerance policy. At the beginning of school the kids attended anti-bullying seminars, and there are posters about what to do if you are bullied all over the school. I am sure some bullying still goes on but I think the school is really trying and I love that.

  27. becky says

    I’ve always been a big girl so the snickering and stares and name calling because of my weight has probably played a huge part in why my self confidence is lacking. Bullying is just plain ridiculous and uncalled for.

  28. Crystal F says

    My daughter told me about a 6th grader pushing a 3rd grader yesterday. I’m just glad the teacher was there so that she didn’t get away with it. thank you!

  29. Selinda says

    My son’s school does an awesome job at talking about bullies and identifying behavior that is bullyish. So far so good!

  30. kim burnett says

    My son was bullied being the new kid at school a few years ago, but I was at the school daily making sure something was being done to stop it. When the next year rolled around and he was not the new kid anymore those same boys wanted to be his friend but I would not allow it.

  31. julie says

    my 15 yr old niece is currently going thru bullying at her school. It’s horrible. I feel so bad for her. She’s in the process of changing schools for the 2nd time:(

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  32. Jennifer T. says

    I remember being bullied in middle school for not having the latest trends and brands of clothes. It actually made me work harder as an adult, I think, to achieve what I wanted. I certainly couldn’t care less about having a brand just because of its inflated cost or because a celebrity likes it. That was a valuable lesson.

  33. says

    I was bullied throughout school at a young age by one girl who literally turned a whole class against me. To this day she is the only person I hate in this whole world, that’s how severe it was. I should forgive but I just don’t I’ll ever be able to. It’s just horrible.

  34. Barbara Montag says

    One of my daughter’s friends was bullied a lot.
    It was difficult but was resolved over time.
    I think bullying is cruel.
    Thank you.

  35. Sarah C says

    It would take way too long to tell the whole story. But basically the kids are in a new school this year because of it. It was a situation that the teacher and principal made worse last year.

  36. krista grandstaff says

    I have 4 kids, but only the youngest, my only girl who is now 12, has been bullied. She is very smart, and one of only two kids in her entire school to be picked for a gifted program in the city. So, being smart was the same as being different at her old school…she was picked on for having freckles, having straight hair, being too white, not shaving her legs (at 10!!)…she is a tomboy, and picked on for not being “girly” enough. We moved, and actually middle school in an entirely new area has been wonderful. No more coming home crying because she was called a lesbian for her jeans and t shirt that day.. kids are horrible. And there is no use talking to the parents, they are small minded and jealous, and petty…there’s no surprise that their kids act the same way.

  37. says

    My non profit uses deaf Dalmatians that are therapy dogs. They do an anti-bully program in schools and libraries. The kids leave our program knowing what a bully is and what do do when getting bullied. They stay focused since the dogs do the program!! We would love to have this book to share with our kids!

  38. Nancy says

    A family member was bullied on the bus in middle school, but didn’t tell the rest of the family until long afterward.

  39. Audra Weathers says

    I was bullied by a boy in elementary school. He would make fun of my clothes, my hair, everything. Years later in high school he wanted to go out with me. Can we say, no way no how?

  40. mell says

    In my classroom we read books about bullying, and it helps young kids process what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior as well as gives an opportunity for discussion of what to do if they or a friend are a victim of bullying.

  41. Geoff K says

    I was bullied a lot as a kid because I was shy and afraid to fight back, which made me an easy target — eventually I learned how to stick up for myself, but those memories are still painful.

  42. bill norris says

    a bully when i was in 7th grade thought i walked like a penguin and my name was bill… so chilly willy and used every moment he could to ridicule me….pretty tame by todays bullying. But i took that nickname he gave me and turned it around using it with friends as a positive thing… i still use it today in my normal every day life in a slightly changed way…my twitter handle bnchile4444 is my 1st 2 initials B & N and a country version of Chilly and my lucky # 4 times. 4444

  43. bonnie walker says

    I am teaching my young boys not to bully. One boy can be annoying in class but I am teaching my son to be tolerant of him – they actually get along now.

  44. Mary Cloud says

    Growing up there were several kids in my school that bullied me – it was miserable
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  45. Anne W. says

    I was bullied occasionally in school, but I’m so glad I graduated high school before all of the social networking sites came out!

  46. Starletta Schipp says

    Being so shy and introverted, I was a frequent target…I would never go back and want to re-live my school time daily experiences…uggg

  47. Cassandra McCann says

    when my oldest was in 4th grade the kids peed on his jacket and he would come home with bloody nose and busted lips. he rocks back and forth and people would put pens in the back of his head so he could rock into it all happening on the bus ride home which was a total of 10 mins long. i confronted the principal on several occasions. end result I pulled him out with a quickness with a few choice words to the principal and to this day he home schools with me. not one of my kids will every see the public school system ever again.

  48. clynsg says

    I went to a very small school and don’t really remember any episodes of bullying in my age group. I was always a little bit the ‘odd one out’ in my class, since my interests were much different than the rest of them, but although I wasn’t really ‘in’ with the group, I wasn’t ostracized either. Part of that I am sure is because of the time (we are talking more than 50 years here!) but even more probably because of the very small town, and the basically homogenized population. The town is still small, but the school is now consolidated with other small towns, and I haven’t been back for years, so I wonder if it is still basically ‘bully-free’.

  49. Susan Smith says

    I have never been bullied or bully anyone but it wasn’t really talked about when I was going to school and I’m glad it’s being talked about now.

  50. Lisa L says

    It seems like kids are being bullied more nowadays..especially with social media being so widely used. It’s sad. I have never been bullied before & hopefully my kids wont be either.

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