Kids Craft: Creating Painted Rocks Yard Art

The other day it was just baking outside but it was a lovely sunny day so I wanted to get outside and enjoy it.  The kids had already been swimming so  I decided we would try our hand at some yard art!   My kids just love doing crafts and arts projects so I knew they would love painting rocks!  Would you like to try it too?

How to Make Yard Art with Your Kids- A Fun Outdoors Activity:

1.  If you are trying this project in the summer like I was, select a nice shady spot to get comfortable in.

2.  You can do this project anywhere from a picnic table to your steps but you will want to prepare your workspace.  I suggest using some paper from your recycling bin to lay out and protect your work space from paint spills.

3.  Set the paints and brushes you will use on top of the papered area.  I chose some acrylic non toxic kids paints and set those out with various brushes on top of the our paper scraps.

4.  Go on a rock hunt in your yard and let your children select their favorite rock to paint.  You can select a rock for yourself to if you want to get in on the fun.

5.  Begin painting!  The rocks can be painted in all sorts of different ways.  Small pebbles can be painted solid colors.  Larger pebbles can be painted one color and after drying they can have a pattern painted over them.  Large rocks can be painted just like a canvas. When my kids were ready to change colors, they just brushed their paintbrushes across the spare paper to get off excess paint before dipping in the next color.

6.  Easy clean up!  Place your rocks in the yard.  Rinse your brushes while the paint is still wet as it comes off easily this way.  Gather up your papers and put them back in the recycling bin.  All done!

There are so many ways to have fun outdoors with your kids and painting rocks is a great lasting craft that you can use to brighten up your entryway or to let your kids play with in the back yard.  The painted rocks can be used to make fairy houses too!  Just have your kids look for other natural things that they might use to construct fairy houses such as pine cones, leaves, sticks, etc.

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