Personalized Valentine’s Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Some cynics see Valentine’s Day as just another attempt by the retail industry to get us to spend a fortune on cards and gifts. It is a valid point and certainly prices do seem to go up a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day but you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to present your loved one with a meaningful and treasured gift. Personalized Valentine’s gifts are truly gifts from the heart and some of them cost nothing to make!

Whatever your feelings about Valentine’s Day it is nice; especially during the hustle and bustle of family life;, to take a bit of time out to appreciate your partner and spoil each other a little. We get so caught up being parents at times that there is hardly any room left for romance. So if Valentine’s Day makes you pause a little and just remember what brought you two together in the first place, to celebrate all you have achieved and to offer a token of appreciation for all the support you have given each other then it’s no bad thing.

DIY personalized gift

DIY Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Get the Children Involved

Children are the center of a loving relationship and it’s good to get them on board when you are planning something for your partner. Remember, children learn about relationships from their parents so this is something positive you can teach them about doing something special for those they love.

kids homemade valentine

Children are quite often very expressive with their emotions and so will love the idea of making cards with cut out love hearts, flowers and kisses. You could find a photograph of them with mummy or daddy and help them make a love heart frame to go around it, decorated with sequins and glitter or if they are older you could just get out the craft stuff and let them go wild with their imaginations!

Remember that it’s not about quality here, they don’t have to produce a beautiful handcrafted piece with a professional finish, it can be as messy as they like because the point is that you’ve all made an effort together to produce something unique that means so much more than the 5 minutes you might have spent in a shop buying a mass-produced gift.

Personalized Gifts from the Heart

Memories often make the best gifts and last much longer than an expensive bunch of red roses so why not make a gift that brings back some happy memories of your time together? This could be your wedding day, when your children were born, your first date or a favorite holiday. You can’t beat photographs for helping to bring some of those happy memories to life so here are a few top gifts you can make with them:

  • A photo collage of a special occasion
  • A photo mug
  • A personalized photograph calendar
  • A personal photo book
  • A personalized coupon book for fun activities

family photo collage

Personalized gifts can also be fun and there are plenty of cheeky mugs you can buy for that morning cuppa or engraved wine glasses that would be perfect to go with the chilled bottle of Cava in the fridge you have set aside.

You don’t have to be creative to come up with something special either, you can buy cheap gifts and either personalise them yourself with glass paint or acrylic markers or ask the seller to do it for you. Thus an ordinary mug can be inscribed with a date and a heart to become something special or a plain locket can be engraved with a photo inside to become something treasured.

This Valentine’s Day, remember that choosing the right gift is so much more than spending money. It’s about a little effort and time taken to demonstrate to the one you love just how much you appreciate them. So hustle the kids off to bed, open that bottle of chilled Cava and celebrate your partner for all that they are.

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