17 Random Facts That Will Make You Happy

Whether you’re having a rough day or could just use a laugh, here are 17 random facts that are guaranteed to make anyone smile.  I hope you enjoy these facts that will make you laugh.

Facts That Will Make You Laugh, Smile and Be Happy

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1. Smiling is contagious

According to Yale Scientific, a team of Swedish scientists has discovered that smiling can be contagious.

2. Ahoy!

When he invented the phone, Alexander Graham Bell wanted people to answer it by shouting “ahoy!” According to an NPR report, Thomas Edison was the man behind the “hello.”

3. Forgetful squirrels may boost the world’s oxygen supply

Every year, thousands of squirrels forget where they bury their nuts. According to Squirrels.org, these buried nuts grow into trees which in turn create oxygen.

4. Lions and pigs, may be having more fun than you think

Although humans are one of the few species who get intimate for pleasure, scientists quoted in the San Diego Reader have discovered that some lions mate up to 50 times daily while many pigs enjoy 30-minute long orgasms.

5. Mating partners for life, otters hold hands to stay together while sleeping

When otters are rafting they hold hands so that they don’t drift apart from each other while they’re sleeping, according to the National Wildlife Federation.

6. Money can’t buy happiness so in Bhutan they only measure the latter

According to the Guardian, officials from the kingdom of Bhutan decided to stop measuring GDP more than 40 years ago. Now, they measure happiness instead as part of their Gross National Happiness Index.

7. Largest bubblegum bubble wouldn’t fit in a basketball hoop

The Guinness Book of World Records has reported that the world’s largest bubblegum bubble was 20 inches in diameter. An NBA basketball hoop is only 18 inches in diameter.

8. Daily intimacy may improve your commitment to marriage

According to an article in the Huffington Post, Pastor Ed Young says couples can increase their happiness while boosting their sense of commitment to one another if they pledge to be intimate on a daily basis. Pastor Young and his wife have taken a pledge to spend more intimate time with one another and improve their marriage and overall happiness.

9. Counting your blessings can make you happier

According to psychologists from Psychology Today, performing simple tasks like writing down kind acts, good experiences or funny things that happened during your day can actually make you feel happier.

10. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but spaghetti might if you’re gullible

In 1957, the BBC ran a joke story claiming that spaghetti grows on trees. Countless listeners fell for the joke and called the BBC to see how they could get their own spaghetti tree.

11. Better than a tree, the moon bears the initials of an astronaut’s daughter

Eugene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, etched his daughter’s initials in the sand. According to Nationalaviation.org, the three letters are probably still there.

12. Orphaned flamingos can be adopted

According to the San Diego Zoo, orphaned flamingos can be adopted by other adult flamingos who will feed them a sort of milk from their upper-digestive tract for the first few weeks of their lives.

13. It may have only lasted a moment, but when you were born, you were the youngest person on the planet.

14. Cuddling heals wounds

When you cuddle, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin. According to Holistic-Mindbody-Healing.com, this love hormone can actually help to heal wounds.

15. Moo, you’re my BFF

According to the Daily Mail, cows actually form such strong bonds with other cows that they often have best friends. Without their best friends, cows can start to feel sad.

16. Turtles Can Store Oxygen in Their Bums

When turtles hibernate they can store extra oxygen in their cloaca, which is an all-purpose opening for their digestive tract, sexual organs and urinary tract, according to Turtlecare.net.

17. Tickle a rat for laughs

Scientists have discovered that you can make a rat laugh just by tickling it, and they’ve posted their results on YouTube.

Do you know any facts that will make you laugh?  Please share facts to make you happy in the comments!


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