The Proper Care and Cleaning of Baby Clothes

Now, we could start out this post with a lot of should’s and should not’s about how it’s important to wash your baby’s clothes before wearing and only use special detergent for baby’s sensitive skin. And these things may be good and appropriate things to do. But the fact of the matter is (as it is with so many other aspects of parenting) is that when it comes to the proper care and cleaning of baby clothes, some things just boil down to personal preference. These are some baby clothing care tips some moms have used that work for them to make their laundry lives a little simpler.

Before You Buy Baby Clothing

Generally, it’s a good idea to read the care instructions even before buying baby clothes. Baby clothes get washed a LOT, because spit up, diaper accidents, etc. happen quite frequently, and except for a few special occasion items (such as a christening gown), it’s nice to have clothes that hold up under the wear and tear of everyday living and don’t require a lot of special care. If you are going to preserve keepsake clothing, have it dry-cleaned soon after the event
to prevent stains from settling in.

Choosing a Detergent For Baby Clothes

Here’s where the debate gets a little more lively; do you need a special detergent in order to protect baby’s sensitive skin? Well, it’s an option. However, many moms have found that they can wash baby clothes in with everyone else’s and baby will be just fine. Consider, though, that if you or other members of your family have sensitive skin, baby may as well, and a dye-free, scent-free detergent is a good choice in that case. It has been said that detergent is a better option than soap flakes, because soap flakes don’t rinse out as well, and they can also affect the flame-retardant properties of sleepers.

Treating Stains on Baby Clothing

I’ve come across quite a few different tried-and-true methods for treating stains, but there were a few things that came up pretty consistently. First, treat stains while fresh, if possible. No brainer, right? Even using a baby wipe to get some of the stuff off right away can help. However, life happens, and laundry doesn’t always get done right away. For stains that are more entrenched, pre-treat stains before washing. Some options are an Oxi-Clean soak or treating with Dreft or Soft Scrub before scrubbing with an electric toothbrush. Wash in the hottest water that is safe for that particular article of clothing.

General Tips For Baby’s Laundry

Consider putting small items like socks in a mesh bag to keep them together.  Fasten Velcro straps on baby bibs and cloth diapers to keep them from snagging other clothing.  Wash cloth diapers separately so you can give them an extra rinse cycle.

Laundry is one of those chores that needs to be done almost every day, especially with a baby in the house. As a result, many of us probably count a washing machine as a blessing in our lives and are grateful for any tip that makes this job a little easier. What do you do to make your laundry life simpler?

Guest post by Rebecca Jensen who is a blogger and freelance writer that loves writing about sewing, baby fashion, faith, and preserving memories. She currently writes for the handmade christening gown christening gown supplier


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