Tips For Saving Energy

There are so many things we can do to save energy in our everyday home life!  Simple, small choices really add to up to big energy savings for each household which adds up to lots of energy saved worldwide through our everyday choices.


I recently wrote an article about Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Refrigerator.  I suggest you visit the link to get the full scoop but there are some great tips that we can all use even if we already have an Energy Star refrigerator.  For example, did you know that where you put your refrigerator can actually have a large impact on its energy efficiency?  Most people don’t realize this but it is very true.

More Energy Saving Articles With Tips:

Make a Draft Stopper
Wintertime comes with hefty heating bills. Luckily there are lots of ways to lower your heating bills and save energy. Making a draft stopper is one way to help conserve energy and keep your family comfortable and away from those cold winter drafts! They also make a perfect gift during the holiday season…
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Energy Saving Apps

There is a smartphone app for almost everything from finding restaurants to keeping up with friends — and now there is even an app to help you save energy! From energy audits, to controlling energy use when you are away from home, these apps will not only save you energy, but money too!…
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Tips When Shopping for ENERGY STAR Appliances

Did you know that new appliances are vastly more efficient then many of their older counterparts? For example, a 20-year-old refrigerator uses 50 percent more electricity each year than a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator would…
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A Look at Smart Appliances

You have probably heard of ENERGY STAR® Appliances but I wanted to share some information on the smart appliance, a term you are likely to hear more often in the near future. A smart appliance contains new, energy efficient features and technology, and is sold by a variety of brands… …
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Don’t Forget To Support Companies That Save Energy

And then of course, you may also want to look for products produced in ways that conserve energy!  I have seen crayons made with solar energy, plastics made with less or recycled plastics, and foils made from recycled aluminum.

I was also just made aware that SC Johnson has Powered Up Wind Energy at its largest manufacturing facility.  SC Johnson added two state-of-the-art 415-foot wind turbines to its facility at Waxdale- this is the largest onsite company-owned wind turbine manufacturing project in the Midwest!  The turbines, combined with other clean energy systems already in place will generate an average of 100% of the electrical energy needed to operate the facility onsite.  Now, that is cool!

What other companies do you know of that are starting to use clean energy sources?  What are some of your favorite energy saving tips?

This post is sponsored by SC Johnson®, but the opinions expressed are my own.


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