Top 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Used Furniture

Outdated furniture can hinder your expression of home decor style. No matter how tempting the trendy items at the furniture store may be, it can be hard to justify the price tag that comes with replacing items that are not dysfunctional, just unloved. The trick to getting the most out of your old furniture is to look past the things you dislike and see the potential in each item.

Restore Your Old Furniture

A broken handle, wobbly leg or saggy seat can take a lot of the appeal out of any piece of furniture. You’d be surprised at the problems you can solve with a little research, a modest tool kit and a bit of spare time. Figuring out how to fix a damaged item can restore it’s ability to function, providing you with many years of use and enjoyment.

Use Your Old Furniture Outdoors

While your furniture was likely designed for use inside of your home, many pieces can find a whole new life outside. An old piece that clashes with your living room may be exactly what your patio needs, and almost anything can serve as a new home for a plant.

Give Your Furniture A Makeover

distessed look for old furniture
When it comes to turning a drab piece into something fantastic, your options are limitless. Beat a damaged table with a piece of chain for a chic distressed look, or apply a simple coat of paint to breathe exciting new life into boring old items. Keep an open mind, and let your imagination take over! Before you know it, you’ll find yourself digging through your storage unit, like Memphis TN self storage, and searching for your next masterpiece.

Reconstructive Surgery

If a piece of furniture can’t be made useful or beautiful, turn it into something new. Don’t be afraid to chop, cut, drill or saw anything that you would otherwise throw away. If you can’t make a particular item work for you, saving the parts may help you with another project later on.

A New Purpose in Life

Sometimes, even your best efforts won’t restore a piece of furniture to it’s original glory. Before you throw it away, try to find a new role for the piece to play in your home. An old bookshelf may be a bit too weak to hold a heavy load of books in the den, but might be the perfect way to store and display your tea cup collection or your child’s stuffed toys.

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