Magformers Magnets in Motion Review and Giveaway

Magformers Review

Kids love magnets.  Even adults love magnets.  There is something irresistible able the way the they pull together and push apart.  Magformers let kids feel the power of magnetic magic while they build with fun, colorful magnetic pieces.  A Magformers Magnets in Motion set was provided to facilitate review and one set will also be provided […]

HP Envy 15 And RealSense Kid Apps Get Kids Moving

RealSense Kid Apps

HP Envy devices are some of the first with Intel RealSense technology which can be utilized in the workplace and/or at home. I have been exploring theHP Envy workplace uses for awhile. Now, with the kids out of school for the summer, I am starting to explore RealSense kid apps that get the kids moving […]