5 Tips to Prevent Your Child from Being Kidnapped

A parent’s worst nightmare is to come home and find out that a child is missing. More often than not, missing children have run away from home or simply improperly communicated their plans to their parents. However, dozens of children are kidnapped at the hands of familiar faces and complete strangers every year. Here are 5 tips to for parents to equip themselves and their children with the knowledge and skills they need to help protect themselves from being a kidnap victim.

Teach Kids about Strangers

teach kids about strangers
Most children have been taught to trust and respect adults. Unfortunately, all adults are not worthy of such reverence. Parents must teach their children to be weary of strangers and the tactics they might use to take them away. Children need to know that it is never okay to go anywhere with a stranger.

There are a portion of children who are kidnapped at the hands of someone they know. Parents can avoid this occurrence by informing their children when someone else is supposed to pick them up. Likewise, parents should inform the schools and daycare centers of people who are authorized to pick their children up.

Teach Kids to Be Cautious

Most kidnappings cannot be considered true crimes of opportunity. Kidnappers are on the lookout for easy targets. This makes it all the more important for children to remain attentive and aware of their surroundings. Teach them to watch for suspicious cars and people. Teach them to take different routes home from school if they think they’re being followed. This will protect them from leading kidnappers to their homes or being snatched off the streets.

Use the Buddy System

Kidnappers tend to prey on children who are alone or away from their groups. On the other hand, children who travel in groups are able to look out for one another and can potentially defend one another against attackers. Teaching children the importance of traveling in packs will allow them to make safer traveling choices.

Teach At-Home Safety

Not all kidnappings occur on the streets. A good number of children are taken right out of their very own homes. Parents can prevent this from happening by stressing the importance of at-home security. Children should be taught to lock all doors and windows. Children who make it home before their parents should take an extra step and call them while they search the home for potential intruders. Both practices will prevent dangerous people from having access to them.

Set Boundaries

One of the best ways to protect children is to place limits on when and where they can go outside the home. Likewise, parents must set limits on who their children can travel with. These limitations will allow parents to control the safety of their children’s environments when they’re not around.

It seems like children will never truly be safe in today’s world. However, parents can certainly make it a bit safer by arming children with knowledge to protect themselves. Within the confines of solid boundaries, parents can prevent another tragedy from happening to them.

Guest post by Hayley who is a family therapist, author and blogger. To ensure the protection of your loved ones, visit homesecuritysystems.com today and purchase a home security system with ADT monitoring.

A Personal Experience

A note about this article on kidnapping- I don’t usually publish what I think of as “fear pieces” but I will tell you that I feel very strongly about talking to kids about dangers. I think that if they are aware it will help save them. I also feel that danger is more prevalent than we tend to believe. I myself was attacked in broad daylight, in a small town, as a 9 year old child, and I think that because my mother had talked to me, I knew to shout. I knew to fight and run and that may be the reason I am here today. I try to not to put fear into my kids. I tell them most people are nice and good but I tell my kids to trust their gut. I knew in my gut when the man approached me. I tell my kids it is better to be safe than sorry. Better to offend someone than end up a victim. Talk to your kids!


  1. says

    This is a fear I live with daily but when are your children old enough to discuss such things. My son is one and is always with me but my daughter is three and in preschool and three days a week for three hours I am living in fear because I am not there to protect her. She is already a timid child so I am scared on how to approach her, so young, on this while not having her scared all the time.

    • Scarlet says

      I think I brought it up at around 3 but the way I explained it at that young age was that they needed to stay close to me because if someone saw them by themselves they might think they didn’t belong to anyone and try to bring them home. I also told my kids if they ever got separated to look for a policeman, store worker, or a mom to ask for help.

  2. renee says

    Thank goodness your mom talked to you! I try to talk to my daughter without scaring her too much. I scare her just enough I hope!

  3. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    This is a huge fear of mine and i always stress the importance to my kids to not talk to people they dont know..never go with someone even if they do know them and we have not given them permission. This is one of my biggest fears being a parent.

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