Annmarie Natural Organic Wildcrafted Skincare Review and Giveaway

Annmarie Skin Care Products are natural, organic, and wildcrafted! Annmarie’s line is made for compete nourishment, inside and out. It contains uniquely infused oils with highly nutritious herbs and is one of the cleanest (free of chemicals, additives and alcohols) on the market. In fact, each AnnMarie skincare product is so pure that they’re good enough to eat!

I have tapped into the wisdom of Mother Nature and created Annmarie Skin Care. This line brings the ancient healing energies and awareness directly to you so that you may radiate your own natural beauty. When creating these products for you, I combined not only some of the best natural practices and methodology in skin care, I also included the secrets of aromatherapy.  These products are earth, mind and body conscious and are chemical-free.

I have to say that I love the scents of the essential oils in these facial products and they they really are so natural and soothing that I enjoy washing my face with the Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser not only because it makes my skin feel so smooth and soft but also because I love the way it makes my skin smell- a light lavender and lemon scent.  (If you are unfamiliar with natural essential oils their natural scent is so pleasing, not at all like synthetic purfumes that always restrict my breathing.)

Aleo-Herb Facial Cleanser:  This creation is a gentle and cleansing blend of healing herbs and plants. Its pH balanced to enhance your skins natural acid mantle and protect its moisture barrier for clean and silky-soft skin. My cleanser is gentle. It removes dirt, oils and dead skin with no harsh detergents, leaving your skin clean, nourished, and soft!My unique blend of oil and extracts contains essential fatty acids, similar to those produced by your skin. Its rich in antioxidants like vitamin E to help prevent and repair free radical damage.

I was also fortunate enough to get to try the Anti-Aging Serum as well and it is really nice!  It feels and smells lovely on my skin and I feel the firming effect on my skin.

Anti-Aging Serum:  This serum will increase skin moisture by inhibiting hyalurondase, which is destructive to skin’s natural moisturizer – hyaluronic acid. It boosts Collagen III, a type of collagen abundant in young skin that diminishes with age. It helps soothe irritated skin.  The life everlasting flower extract helps prolong and regenerates the skin cell. Echinacea, while known for its immune boosting properties, also has a firming effect on the skin.The addition of sunflower seed extract to this blend adds UV protective qualities as well as essential fatty acids. Flaxseed, which you’ll also find in this serum, is very high in lignans that support cell communication. Also, flaxseed extract is really well known to be calming to the skin.

I can honestly say that out of all the skincare products I have ever tried, the Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser is my favorite Cleanser I have ever used.  The Anti-Aging Serum is tied with only one other but if push came to shove, I would choose the AnnMarie serum because it has the added benefits of being handcrafted, fresher and therefore likely more effective!  I love using my AnnMarie and I am going to share these with my mother who has the best taste in everything because I know she will love it too!  Annmarie uses only miron violet glass to keep her quality natural skincare safe and fresh. Plus the ingredient list on each product is full of really great ingredients so check them out to be even further impressed!

Skincare Giveaway Details:

One lucky reader will receive one Annmarie Organic Wildcrafted Anti-Aging Serum.  This serum will increase skin moisture by inhibiting hyalurondase, which is destructive to skin’s natural moisturizer – hyaluronic acid. It boosts Collagen III, a type of collagen abundant in young skin that diminishes with age.  (value $50)

Giveaway Dates:  October 12-  October 31, 2011    Midnight CST

How to Enter:
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Giveaway Rules:
GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Winner selected through and notified by email- #68,Jennifer Davis.

I was provided with skincare in the hopes that I would share my honest opinions.  I received no monetary compensation for this review and the opinions expressed are my own.


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