Bonding Through Little League Baseball

Getting your son involved in baseball can provide a great bonding experience. Little league is a good age group to get started or graduate from a coach’s pitch or tee-ball league. Usually this age group runs from 10 – 12 years of age, depending on your area. As a father, you can coach or help out with the team in order to bond with your son. This is the perfect time to share your love for baseball and pass it on to the next generation.

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Benefits of Baseball for Your Child

1.  Exercise

Playing baseball provides a good place for your son to get some exercise. He can enjoy his time playing the game, while getting necessary exercise throughout the entire season.

2.  Teaches Teamwork

Baseball is a game of strategy and those playing will learn how to work as a team and play together. As your son learns teamwork, they will also learn many good lessons, along the way.

3.  Gain Friendships

Your son may also find new friends through playing in a baseball league. He will be around others with similar interests, which allows for bonding between teammates.


Benefits of Little League Baseball for Dad

1.  Gets to Support his Son

It’s important for parents to show their love in many ways and when a father gets to root for his son, during a game, it’s a great opportunity to show how proud you are of him. This can help the two of you bond and become closer as father and son.

2. Coaching

If you know enough about the game and can coach, you can influence your son even more. You will be able to teach them the game and help them learn all the necessary skills to play baseball.

3.  Becomes Father/Son Time

Even if you don’t coach, if you attend all your son’s games and you drive him there, you will get regular father/son time. The rides in the car provide good opportunities to speak to your son about all the different things they face. It also provides time to bond and become closer.

What You will Need For Little League Baseball

You won’t need much to get your son started in a baseball league. There’s at least one league in every city or town and you just need to sign them up. You may need to pay a small fee, but it’s usually not very expensive. It’s also important to get the right little league baseball equipment for your son. He will need at least a fielding glove, but it’s also a good idea to get batting gloves, a bat and cleats.

Many opportunities will evolve from getting your son involved in a baseball league. He could become good enough to play in high school, which could lead to a college scholarship. At the very least, it will give you and your son a chance to bond.

 Guest post by Amanda Green, a freelance writer.

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