Easy Arts and Crafts you Can do with the Kids

Easy arts and crafts offer kids an outlet for expressing their creativity. Kids of all ages can enjoy a day of crafting as long as they’re being supervised. Here are a few fun and easy craft projects to start teaching kids your love for crafting.

4 Fun and Easy Arts And Kids Crafts Projects To Do With Kids


No Sew Fleece Pillow

Fleece Tie Pillows.  No sewing needed!
Fleece Tie Pillows. No sewing needed!

This would be a fun slumber party craft project. You’ll need a 12 inch foam pillow and two 15 inch square pieces of fleece material. Use a ruler or cutting board and scissors to cut strips that are three inches long and two inches wide around the edges of each fleece square. Put the squares together with right sides facing out. Tie the fleece strips together using double knots around three sides of the pillow. Slide the pillow form inside the opening. Tie the last row of strips together.

Embellished Holiday Candles

Kids can decorate their candle using confetti shapes that incorporate an upcoming holiday. For example, hearts for Valentine’s Day or rabbits for Easter. Have the kids use tacky glue to attach the confetti shapes sporadically around the candle. When the candle is lit, the confetti pieces will cast a glow. Make sure lit candles are never left unattended.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Coffee Filter Butterflies via WREN Handmade
Coffee Filter Butterflies via WREN Handmade

Cover the top of your work area with a large plastic bag. Give each kid water colors and a coffee filter. Have the kids dab their brushes in water. After their brushes are wet, have them dip it into the paint. Allow the kids to paint their filter any way they choose, just make sure the paint is watery. Let the filters dry completely before transforming them into butterflies. Once the filter is dry, have the kids tightly tie a string around the center of the filter. Glue a clothespin on the string, which will be the butterfly body. Kids can hang there butterfly masterpieces on the wall or from their bedroom ceiling.

Trinket Boxes

Gather up all your old cardboard boxes. Cut off all the box flaps before handing them over to the kids. Have the kids cut out pictures from magazines or books that make them smile. Allow your kids to glue their pictures in a pattern or design of their choosing. Another fun option that kids will love is to glue their pictures on the sides and back of the box, and then they can write their name on the box front to personalize it. Kids can use their trinket boxes for keeping their artwork or homework organized.

Which easy arts and crafts project is your favorite?


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    I’m so happy that I am following your blog, Scarlet. It is a true delight and I am loving all of the wonderful posts you are sharing. I absolutely must get my sister to follow you because she is always looking for crafts to do with her daughter. The pillow idea is a fantastic way to keep girls busy and out of trouble during their sleepovers! Love this!

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    The coffee filter butterflies is a good idea! My daughter would enjoy making them. Will possibly suspend them from the ceiling in a cluster and in different sizes using nylon string. Thanks for the tip!

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