HealthTap Offers Free Personalized Health Tips

Today, HealthTap is taking the first step to bring personalization to digital health by providing you and millions of others with access to more detailed health answers from a network of 35,000 U.S. licensed doctors.

HealthTap Personalization

I’m very excited to share with you that starting today, millions of people using HealthTap, will now get more personalized answers from the country’s best medical minds.

Every time you ask a question on HealthTap, you can now add relevant characteristics (such as age, gender, prior conditions, or medications you’re taking) to your queries when you submit them to our doctors for response. You still remain anonymous (neither the answering doctors nor other users will know you asked the question), but the responses you receive will be better tailored to you and to others like you.

Go ask a medical question at and see for yourself!  It’s free!

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