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Cuboro Is A Hot Wooden Toy For Christmas

hot wooden toy for Christmas

Cuboro was just voted in the top 3 for the Best Toy in Show at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair in November 2013.  That is quite an award in the toy world and Cuboro was the only wooden toy winner for that category.

What is Cuboro?

Cuboro is a wooden building block marble track run that is great for encouraging creative problem-solving.  Unlike most wooden toys that seem aimed at smaller children, Cuboro is unique in that is grows with your child.  While a young child will enjoy playing with the Cuboro blocks and forming more basic constructions and marble run paths, an older child will enjoy Cuboro just as much because you can build very challenging marble run constructions with all sorts of fun features such as passing through your solid construction into tunnels and reappearing later.  Cuboro is truly the marble track for a lifetime – it poses a creative challenge at whatever age and developmental level the player approaches it.

Cuboro is a toy that is being used at many private schools to foster creative thinking and even to teach principles of physics.

“If tasks are applied purposefully, the cuboro marble track system provides a three-dimensional, multi-purpose teaching aid with which advancement aims from kindergarden level up to gifted education can be fulfilled. At the same time, diligence, patience and, as in group tasks, the ability to work in a team are fostered.”

Cuboro is also a gift that can be built upon.  You may buy the starter set as a gift and let the grandparents buy the supplementary sets.  Once they master the features and functions of the basic set, supplementary sets can be purchased for added block functions such as marble racing, marble jumping, and new functions that accelerate your marble through your creations.

cuboro wooden toy

While this wooden toy is a little on the pricey side,  it is well worth it when you consider how long the toy holds your child’s attention, the number of years they’ll keep playing with it, and that this wooden toy is one you will pass down to the next generation because it holds up.

I also have to mention that Cuboro wooden toy blocks are manufactured of FSC accredited beech wood, meaning wood coming from sustainably cultivated forests.  I dig that!  My children actually have Cuboro and they love it.  Here is a super short video of my son showing off one of our creations.

Also, Cuboro has just introduced their new game- Cuboro Tricky Ways so you may want to check that out as well.

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