Menu Suggestions for Those on the Paleo Stone Age Diet

What is the Stone Age Diet?

The Stone Age Diet, also known as the Paleolithic (Paleo) Diet or the Caveman Diet, is a diet plan, which is based on the nutritional habits of the Paleolithic men. It revolves around the consumption of meat, eggs, vegetables, berries and nuts and seeds, meanwhile excluding all grains, dairy products and carbohydrate vegetables as they were unknown in that period. The Stone Age Diet is believed to influence positively a number of health conditions, including allergies, poor digestion, hypertension, obesity and many more.

Why The Paleo Diet?

Since 2010, the Paleo diet has become the favorite of many people. Besides helping you lose weight and become healthier, the Stone Age diet could prevent the development of modern day illnesses and reduce the severity of symptoms for those already suffering. Because the foods that are allowed on the diet are all natural and organic, it is also highly recommended for those who have bowel and stomach problems or who suffer from intolerances or allergies. However those who are just starting on the Stone Age diet may find it difficult to plan a menu that is tasty and filling when they are suddenly faced with the huge amount of foods that are no longer allowed. If this is you then read on for some menu suggestions that are tasty and will soon become firm favorites.

Paleo Breakfast Ideas


Paleo breakfast porridge. Visit for recipe.

When you think of a normal breakfast then you will find that you have to discount 90% of what the average person consumes. No more toast, cereal, porridge and pancakes for you. However there are loads of options for you to create a really healthy and filling breakfast that is the perfect way to start the day. For example, if you like something hot in the morning, how about an omelet that is filled with bacon and vegetables; or some scrambled egg and smoked salmon?  Kippers are also a lovely treat and provide lots of energy to get you started.

But if you, like me, can’t often face hot food of a morning then don’t despair. Instead create a fresh fruit salad and throw in a handful of nuts and seeds. Then cover with apple juice or orange juice and you have a lovely refreshing breakfast. If you find that you’re in a hurry then sling the above into a blender and make it into a delicious smoothie. I’ve found good suggestions for meals for Stone Age Diet by chief Thomas Rode (or as we say in Denmark Stenalderkost Thomas Rode).

Stone Age Diet Lunch Ideas

Lunch was always my biggest problem when I started the Stone Age diet. Suddenly going with my colleagues to our favorite café became an ordeal rather than a treat when faced with a menu full of sandwiches, baked potatoes and just about everything else that isn’t allowed. Instead I started to bring a packed lunch with me and a couple of my work colleagues did the same. I would fill my lunch box with loads of salad and a different meat or fish each day. Salads can get boring so make sure that you vary what you include and consider apples, carrot, beetroot, peppers, avocado, etc. I also started making a big vat of vegetable soup on the weekend and then taking in a flask of that with me as an addition. It’s lovely in cold weather and when it’s hot I just make up one of the cold soups, which fill me up and are actually really refreshing. They are also great to share with friends and colleagues that are keeping you company at lunch.

Paleo Dinner Ideas

Dinner is never that difficult but you need to keep varying things around as much as you can. Experiment with different herbs and spices to make marinades for your meat and fish. Make sure that you try every food that’s on the allowed list at least once, even if you don’t know what it is to start with. Finally when you cook up a stew or casserole or similar make at least double the amount and then freeze the other portions. This will ensure that you always have a Stone Age diet meal ready for those nights when you just can’t be bothered which will make you less likely to stray.

Check out Family Focus Blog Paleo Board on Pinterest if you need more paleo recipe ideas!


Guest post by Paul Winchester. He is a writer, currently living in Denmark. He is mostly interested in writing about healthy lifestyle and diets.

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