Spa In A Box: Yuzen Review and Giveaway

I received a Yuzen natural and organic spa products box to facilitate this review and giveaway.

Spa In A Box:  Yuzen Review

spa in a box

The folks behind Yuzen are a husband and wife team.  They created a quarterly spa subscription box called Yuzen Box.  It is a quarterly subscription of natural and organic spa products and the Yuzen Box promotes time for reflection, pause and relaxation for oneself. The Yuzen catch phrase is “Sending you a litle Zen.”  I think that is a perfect description and I would also describe it as a spa in a box.  The quarterly spa subscription Yuzen Box is sent out at Holiday, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and Fall.  They also have a gift box for single gifts and a men’s box. Each box has over $50 worth of top line spa products and most are exclusive to Yuzen.

My Yuzen Box arrived and I pulled it out of the packing box to find a beautifully wrapped box.  I peeked inside to find a card that lists each of the products and information about them.  There was also a beautiful piece of oragami paper over the tissue wrapped contents.  I closed it right back up to save it for a day when the kids and hubby were out and I could enjoy a little spa time at my home, at my leisure, and without all the expense of a spa trip!

Yuzen Box Review

The Yuzen Box really is like a spa in a box in and it is jam packed full of goodies.  When I opened the tissue paper there was a beautiful gauze bag filled with all kinds of natural and organic spa goods to appeal to all of my senses.  There was a lovely LEVEL NATURALS Travel Candle that I lit to create to the spa mood.  It has a lemon verbena scent from natural essential oils and is a 100% natual, vegan soy candle with lead-free wick.

Yuzen spa subscription box

I got my manicure on with JURILQUE Rose Hand Cream which is a rich and protective hand treatment.  I love the scent of rose and the healing effect of the calendula.  I also love that it is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced.  I got my pedicure on with Kerstin Florian Balm which is an invigorating foot lotoin featuring menthol, rosemary, pine, and lavender.  I was quite impressed with this balm as it did wonders for my dry cracked skin without leaving behind a greasy feel.  I also appreciated that the Kerstin Florian Balm has no parabens or petroleum and is cruelty-free.  I finished up my mani /pedi with a caot of fingernail polish from SPARITUAL.  Now, I normally don’t like fingernail polish but the vegan SPARITUAL lacquers are free of DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene so I can get down with that! There was a fun gold glitter that I used on my hands and a stunning  red that I used on my toenails.  I find myself sniffing my nails and thinking of Jennifer Lawson’s character in American Hustler!

manipedi spa products

To get my facial spa on, there were two products included in the Yuzen Box.  PINO Facial Mask which contains natural and nourishing ingredients such as pro vitamin B5, vitamin E, and horse chesntut seed extract.  The avocado and jojoba oil helped it slather on nicely and is great for those with sensitive skin.  I love that the PINO facial mask is 95% organic ingredients.  I followed this up with the SANITAS Moisture Mist which increases the penetration of hydration into the skin- great for my dry skin!

Like any truly great spa experience, I followed it up with a little treat for my tastebuds!  The included Sun Cups Dark Chocolate Mint Cups were divine and had an extra to snack on another day.  I also enjoyed the TARA SPA THERAPY Stress Relief Roll-On Remedy.  It is like a spa in the bottle, a little sniff helps me relax and feel more joyful.

I have to say that anyone who gave me a Yuzen Box as a gift, would score big.  Hint, hint, hubby!  Want to try a Yuzen Box for yourself?  Who wouldn’t want a spa in a box right?!  Plus, I think it is really a great deal at just $33 for all those goodies! You can get all the info at Yuzen Box website.

Yuzen Box Giveaway:

Yuzen spa products giveaway

One lucky reader will win one Yuzen Subscription Box, a spa gift box full of the very best eco-conscious products to nourish the body and soul. ($33 value)

Yuzen Box Giveaway Dates: April 1- April 14, 2014 Midnight CST

How to Enter: Enter through Giveaway Tools- just sign into the widget and click the entries you want to complete.

Giveaway Announcement:
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I was provided with Yuzen spa subscription box to facilitate the review and giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Hilary Andriesian says:

    It was interesting to read about the owners of this new company. I learned that LOHAS is an acronym for Yuzen’s target audience: Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability consumers. Also they explain the meaning of the company’s name. It’s always nice when you can feel connected to the people behind the brand name. I would love to experience a box of Zen from Yuzen!

  2. velder dixon says:

    the mask caught my eye.organics product-it would be good for my skin.

  3. Sherri J says:

    I am really interested in the Bath Fizzers..they sound very relaxing.

  4. Amy Bentley says:

    These Yuzen boxes sound heavenly!

  5. the gift men’s box.

  6. Action 1: The gift yuzen box.

  7. The gift men box.

  8. PINO Facial Mask

  9. The gift box for my girlfriend.

  10. The Gift a Subscription for my wife.

  11. Natalie U says:

    Their products are natural or organic. You can also give. A gift subscription which will be for boxes in one year
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  12. Maryann D. says:

    I love the products and CHOCOLOVE Cherries and Almonds Chocolate Bar caught my eye.

  13. I would love to try the Pino Facial Mask.

  14. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I love all the different types of subscription boxes coming out these days, and I love this one. If I’m lucky enough to win it, I would use this as a gift for a dear friend of mine who is battling cancer. I think she could use a spay day, even if it’s just at home, to relax and recharge.

  15. Natalie Brown says:

    Hi! What caught my eye was the known brands that are included in the boxes. Especially the SpaRitual nail polishes. Nice! Thank-you!

  16. I like that they come seasonally. Not so often you get too much and often enough you have something pleasant to look forward to.

  17. janetfaye says:

    TARA SPA THERAPY Stress Relief Roll-On Remedy caught my eye.

  18. I just had to enter for this one! Looks awesome.

  19. Pauline Milner says:

    I really like the Gift A Men’s Box that they offer. Thank you for another super giveaway opportunity. Please continue with the terrific blogging.

  20. latanya says:

    the pino facial mask

  21. I love that they are focused on natural brands!

  22. Love the men’s gift boxes!

  23. The soy candles sound great!

  24. Lori Laws says:

    I look forward to trying these products!

  25. Melissa Mazzur says:

    I love the mens gift box! Perfect for the guy in your life.

  26. Dorothy Boucher says:

    love the Yuzens Mens gift box, I kind of feel bad, just thinking my hubby bday is coming up and i havn’t made any plans yet,, WOW so not like me.. lol as they say too much on the brain….

  27. Vickie Couturier says:

    I see they have a mens box,,id like to get one for my husband

  28. Angela P. says:

    I love that it focuses on relaxation and features products that are eco-friendly, natural, or organic.

  29. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I loved it all! The packaging is adorable and I esp love that they offer men’s products!

  30. chris hoey says:

    I love that it focuses on features and relaxation products that are eco-friendly, natural, or organic.

  31. Amanda H says:

    I love, love that they were inspired so greatly by their travels in Asia, my family is from Japan and the Philippines, so I can related to this greatly.

  32. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I love that you can give these as a gift and the Spring box includes SANTAS Moisture Mist, which I’d love to try!

  33. Lisa Kerr says:

    I would love to try a few of the Soy Candles!

  34. Stephanie V says:

    they have Jurlique – love that brand!

  35. Ashley C says:

    I love that the sumbody brand is one they use. I have been really interested in trying their products

  36. Lesley F says:

    The JURLIQUE Rose Hand Cream caught my eye

  37. I would love to try the TARA SPA THERAPY Stress Relief Roll-On Remedy.

  38. iamalighthouse says:

    I love that the box is eco-conscious!

  39. Tracy Melhinch says:

    I love that you get a nice little selection to try

  40. Shannon Baas says:

    I like that they add candles.

  41. I like that you can gift a men’s box

  42. I like that they use Jurlique products

  43. Susan Robbins says:

    I like the men’s box, I’d get one for my son.

  44. What caught my eye was the eco-friendly list of brands included in the box. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  45. jasmine burdett says:

    the yuzenbox

  46. Ashley P says:

    I like that you can gift the box. My sister in law would love this!

  47. Paula Adams says:

    The avocado and jojoba oil would be GREAT for my dry skin!

  48. Rebecca E. says:

    It’s such a minor thing but I love the way it is packaged.

  49. Karen Drake says:

    I would love to try the PINO Facial Mask, it is interesting that they have a box for every season, these would make nice gifts.

  50. Charlene S. says:

    I’d like to try the JURLIQUE Rose Hand Cream :)

  51. The SRANROM Urban Wellness Calm Down hand cream sounds nice.

  52. Kathy Pease says:

    I love candles and love that The Mindful Living Candle is hand-poured by a peaceful farming community in the heart of Thailand—it’s formulated with the soothing natural aromas to help ease your mood and balance your mind.

  53. I like that they carry a lot of natural brands!!

  54. Laurie Emerson says:

    I like that they carry so many different brands. I love the Sun Cups Dark Chocolate Mint Cups1

  55. Sky Evans says:

    I love the Gift A Subscription options and the mindful living candle.

  56. Buddy Garrett says:

    The Pino Facial Mask caught my eye.

  57. The Men’s gift box looks interesting.

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