5 Of The Best Imported Toys

Whether you like imported toys because there are so many unusual toy options that make great unique gifts or because they remind you of a faraway home, here five of the best imported toys.  All of these imported toys are made of top quality materials from countries with high production standards.  This post is sponsored by Oh! Toys and all of these imported toys are available on their website.

Best Imported Toys:

Gropius Unusual Construction Blocks

Gropius Architectural Blocks

Gropius Designer Blocks – One block shape, based on the Bauhaus designs of Walter Gropius, will challenge the inner builder and designer. These beautifully finished European Maple wood architectural blocks are from Italian designer Vittorio Lonzi. Italian Toy $79.99

Mader Spinning Tops

Mader Spinning Tops- UFO

This Mader Spinning Top is a beautiful, long-spinning top with a smooth inverted surface.    It is made of natural maple wood and is one of the longest-spinning tops, due to perfect balance, and small point of contact.  Austrian Toy  $13.99

Bibros Building Blocks

Bibros Building Blocks

These imported Bibros Building Blocks are made from four different European woods (nut tree, wild service tree, maple, oiled beech) and lend their colors and grain to this beautiful, compact wooden block set for desktop or small area.   Bibros Blocks come in unusual shapes that allow the builder to create unique, attractive constructions in a small space.  I love the way you can balance these blocks to achieve designs you would not normally be able to do with most block sets.  24 blocks in cloth bag. German Toy

Korxx Classic Building Blocks

Corxx Building Blocks Made From Cork

Korxx Blocks are  lightweight, safe blocks made from all-natural cork, designed by entrepreneur and mother Patricia Kuck.  Korxx’ minimalist design lets the imagination go where it will and offers a great new texture and feel to a classic toy.  Korxx area also  great for play on hardwood floors that you don’t want damaged!  The imported toy, Korxx, come as 70 natural cork blocks in a wooden storage box with lid.  The cork is harvested in accordance to the sustainability forest regulations FSC. German Toy $24.90- $219.90 depending on set size

Cugolino Marble Maze


The Cugolino wooden marble run is suitable for children from 3 years up and is great for matching your child’s developmental level as they can build more and more complex marble runs with the wooden blocks as they progress. With several imaginative add-on sets available, Cugolino can be just the beginning of your child’s adventure in spatial relationships, kinetic movement, cause-and-effect, and a world of educational fun. Swiss Toy $219.90


For more information on any of these imported toys, please visit the unusual toys expert, Oh! Toys


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