Wooden Building Blocks Benefits and Types

Benefits of Wooden Building Blocks

Almost every child receives building blocks to play with! I think they are an all time favorite toy because building blocks have so many developmental benefits for the child. Wooden building blocks are great because they help children learn dexterity and laws of physics while they are having a great time. Children and adults alike also feel a sense of pride as they see what the child can build and because they have endless possibilities, building blocks are even fun for adults to play with their child. Building blocks are actually great at teaching social skills as well since it is one of the first toys that children can begin to share and build together. They are great for bringing together siblings in a project that the different ages can both find fun.

Wooden building blocks encourage imagination and creativity as a child plans what to build and problem solves as they discover what will and won’t work. Building blocks are even great for developing communication skills as a child describes his building plans and tells you about his creation. Building blocks can be great tools for teaching math concepts, organizational skills. Your child will learn about spatial relations and gravity as he plays without even realizing he is doing so.

Why Wooden Building Blocks?

Wooden building blocks have a great weight for building with. Wooden building blocks are also safe and durable. Wooden building blocks look great and are more eco-friendly than plastic or foam blocks. Wooden blocks can be passed down from generation to generation.

Types of Wooden Building Blocks

There are so many fabulous wooden building block sets.  Here are few unique wooden building blocks that have a twist- a little something extra special!

Bibros Wooden Building Blocks

Bibros is a wonderful, small wooden block set that, despite it’s simple design, lets you build unusual and attractive constructions in a small space.  Four different European woods (nut tree, wild service tree, maple, and oiled beech) lend their colors and grain to the elegant Bibros building blocks.  Bibros blocks can be arranged in a 2D flat way to make cool designs as well as in a 3D way to make unusual structures. The 24 Bibros blocks come in  cloth bag for easy storage.


Groupius Natural Wooden Construction Blocks

Gropius wooden blocks – one interesting shape, repeated 12 times in this small, desktop building set made from beautifully finished European Maple.  Based on the Bauhaus work of architect Walter Gropius, this simple design will astonish you with its possible combinations.  The only limit is your imagination.   Groupius wooden building blocks are a beautiful small-scale construction toy  for small play spaces (or desktop), it makes a great gift for the child with design on the mind, or the design-conscious grown-up!  Endless creative possibilities in 3D construction with these beautiful blocks.


Tsumiki Wooden Building Blocks

Award-winning Tsumiki Blocks, imported from Japan. The innovative shapes and beautiful finish in this wooden construction toy set let you create shapes and structures way beyond the conventional wooden block setUnlike the simple geometric shapes of standard kindergarten blocks, these have unique angles, notches and curves. Younger builders will find them unique embellishments to castles or fantasy creatures. Advanced block-builders will discover many unexpected ways the unusual shapes can be combined make structures that are true works of art. Worthy of space on a display shelf or coffee table, these blocks will invite frequent rearrangement and provide visual pleasure and entertainment.  Tsumiki 34 wooden blocks come in a wooden storage tray that my kids love putting them away into as they fit like a puzzle!

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