Yard Sale Tips Make You A Savvy Buyer and Seller

Yard sales are a dime a dozen and there is a reason they are so popular. Your family can get rid of all the things they don’t need any more and people pay you to take it away! Whoever thought of this idea is a genius! If you’re not taking advantage of this concept each year then you need to jump on the yard sale bandwagon. In one year an average family of four can accumulate tons of clutter from birthday and Christmas gifts, as well as outgrown clothes. Take advantage of the chance to clean out the closets and make some extra money. This is the also the prime season to find treasure in someone else’s trash. Your neighbor may have kids that have the perfect hand-me-downs for your young ones or perhaps they have extra garden tools that you need.

Yard Sale Tips For Buyers

yard sale tips

Start by knowing your neighborhoods. Most likely, you know your town pretty well. If you’re starting out in a new home
town then take some time to explore before doing business with the neighbors. This is crucial because wealthier neighborhoods sell higher value items when they clean house. I regularly find brand name children’s clothing with tags still on it or electronics still in the box. These areas don’t frequently have yard sales so jump on them when they pop up. You can find them by checking the weekly yard sale listings in the newspaper and Craigslist should also have some listings nearby.

Next, start early. The best items will disappear first. Once you get out there to look for a good deal, use the “two-fer” method to get more for your money. If your neighbor has set a price that you might not agree with, kindly offer a price you would pay. However, instead of saying, “Will you take fifty cents for that movie?” try “How about two for one dollar?” These people want to sell more of their stuff so selling two movies is better than one, even if it’s for a smaller price. Don’t forget to take your reusable bags with you so you can carry all of your fabulous finds!

Yard Sale Tips For Sellers


Advertise, advertise, advertise! Put up a conspicuous sign on the closest busy road. Don’t go crazy with signs because that’s just wasteful and unnecessary. Place one sign facing each direction of traffic and make it bright, concise, and legible. It will help you even more if you get to know your neighbors. A neighborhood yard sale will attract much more traffic because it saves people time and gas if they can park and shop instead of driving from home to home. It is also beneficial for you and your neighbors because you can split the cost of advertising. Everyone can pitch in just a few dollars towards an ad in the newspaper. Still, don’t be afraid to post a free ad on Craigslist to advertise your own wares. Try to list as many big ticket items as you can. If someone is looking for a specific item they will come early to get it from you. Be flexible on your prices since you want to sell things and not have to put it back in your basement. Don’t forget to have change available!

Yard sales can be very rewarding when you clean out all your clutter and you do it without throwing everything in a landfill. The extra money you make is a big plus, too. Now that you’ve sold everything your kids grew out of you’ll certainly need the money to keep up with their growth spurts! Spend the cash wisely at a consignment shop or another family’s yard sale if you can. Hopefully you’ll find treasure in someone else’s trash, too!


Cyndi D. (from Mission: $ave Green, missionsavegreen.com) spends time trying to keep her family healthy and also making lifestyle changes that will benefit the environment. Since this isn’t always cheap, she started a blog to share the tips and discounts she finds along the way. When not blogging, she works as a biologist and spends time camping, playing volleyball, and travelling.

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