Eco Friendly Crafts

Here is a round up of some eco-friendly crafts.  These green crafts are mostly focused on ways to upcycle using things that we have already in our homes and that may otherwise get thrown away or recycled. Most of these eco-friendly crafts are great for involving your children with both for fun and to teach them about environmentally friendly habits.

Recycled Craft Bean Bag Toss Game


One great way to reuse a few boxes is to make a bean bag toss. Not only is this a great family activity, it also provides some fun, in-door exercise during the winter months…
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Upcycled E-Reader

upcycled ereader case

Directions for making your own eReader case or tablet case from an old book and some fabric.  This is a fun way to have several covers (if your an accessory fan), to give a personalized gift or simply to have for practical reasons.
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Make A Draft Stopper Eco Craft

How-to-make a Draft-Stopper

Wintertime comes with hefty heating bills. Luckily there are lots of ways to lower your heating bills and save energy. Making a draft stopper is one way to help conserve energy and keep your family comfortable and away from those cold winter drafts! They also make a perfect gift during the holiday season…
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Reuse Your Egg Cartons As Puppet Material For Kids

egg carton puppets
This post offers ideas for how to make leftover egg cartons into fun puppets with your kids. Then set up a show and enjoy your work!

Eco Craft for Kids: Making Your Own Pencil Box

Clear, plastic lettuce tubs with lids are perfect for holding paper scraps and repurposed shoe boxes are great for holding paints and paint brushes. We also use old diaper wipe boxes to hold crayons or cleaning wipe packages to hold pencils and markers. This DIY craft is a great “upcycling” project that teaches kids to reuse items…
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Upcycled Sewing Machine Craft

Create a fun recycled art project using a old sewing machine and tons of secondhand buttons.
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Making Seeded Paper Green Craft

Making paper with your kids is a great way to teach them about recycling and a really fun project they will enjoy.  When I started to show my daughter how to make plantable paper, she was immediately curious about it. She wanted to know if it was the way they made the paper she writes on and if all paper is made out of trees…
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Turn A Plastic Bottle Into Bathroom Storage

This Recycled Plastic Bottle Bathroom Storage project from Cristin Frank is perfect for holding makeup, toothbrushes, or cotton balls.  It doesn’t take up any space on the counter so it’s great for small spaces.
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Eco-friendly Craft: Make Your Own Pet Motel

This fun craft will keep your kids busy not only while they’re making it but also for hours and hours of imagination and play time when they are done. This eco-friendly craft is a pet motel for your child’s stuffed animals. You can actually build any variation of this you like such a doll house or car park…
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Eco-Friendly Clay Elf Craft

Add some holiday cheer to your year by making your favorite elf! All you need is some clay (any non-hardening or sculpting clay will work), hair raiser (garlic press or strainer), a pencil and of course your IMAGINATION! “One of the most earth friendly ‘toys’ for children is clay.  Clay is mud, just mud and it brings delight and smiles to every student I teach and observe!”
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Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Puzzle Kids Craft

Allowing children to create a puzzle is an educational and fun craft that also saves you a trip to the toy store. A homemade puzzle is also a great way for them to reuse their artwork or old magazine photos. Not only do they practice problem-solving, but it allows them to learn about reusing and recycling…
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Recycled Box Music Makers

With the holidays bringing so many different size and shape packages to your doorstep, it’s a great time to have a little musical fun by creating instruments called rattle boxes. If you add textured fabric or paper as you decorate them, it becomes a musical and sensory experience as well!
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DIY Dog Bed Eco-Friendly Craft

Some clothing may be too stained or ripped to donate. What do you do with clothing that is not good enough to donate? You can reuse things like old T-shirts in several ways such as making rags to use for cleaning. If you have enough rags, you can use your old textiles to make a homemade pet pillow…
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Recycled Picture Frame

Upcycled Picture FrameSome tips on upcycling old picture frames.  From dump to office decor!
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Disclosure:  Some of the post mentioned are panel posts that I have done for SC Johnson.


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    I love the idea of making your own seeded paper. It looks great for gift tags and thank you notes plus it’s eco-friendly. Thanks for sharing these wonderful craft idea!

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