Green Pet Care Tips To Protect Your Pets

In a world where it’s difficult to avoid toxins and pollutants, a lot of us make green choices for our families – but did you ever stop to think about green choices your pets? The upsetting truth is that your pets are as susceptible to irritation and illness from environmental toxins as you are. In fact, the Environmental Working Group recently discovered that household pets are displaying higher levels of toxic contamination than people. Their study investigated the extent of exposure that pets face to contaminants in our homes and the outdoors, and the results were alarming.  All of these toxins can leave you with one sick puppy. The pollutants that are finding their way into our homes can cause cancer, allergies, and other illnesses. But don’t despair! Here are some easy green pet care tips to protect your pets from the chemicals that are all around us.

Choose A Green Pet Food

green pet foodIf you’ve ever read the label of your dog’s favorite food, it’s likely you were surprised by the number of ingredients used. You might not even have recognized some of them. To protect your pets, brush up on the basics of natural pet
. Try to choose foods without chemical preservatives. Certified organic and free-range pet food is guaranteed to be free from hormones, chemicals, genetically-modified ingredients and artificial flavors and colorings. Organic pet food also tends to be sustainably sourced, so you will be helping the environment too by making this green pet care choice.

Choose Green Grooming Pet Care Options

Nobody likes pooches that smell, but some of the shampoos and treatments that we use on our pets can do more harm than good. Grooming products and flea repellents are often a source of toxic exposure for your pet and your family, causing allergies and illness. There are plenty of natural options available for both bathing and getting rid of fleas that will do the job just as well. Sites like Native Remedies offer pet products that won’t bring more toxins into your home.

Green Your Pet’s Environment

Detoxifying your home is great for pet health. Replacing older foam pet bedding (which can contain harmful flame retardants) and vacuuming often can minimize your pet’s exposure to toxins. Try not to use stain-proofing treatments on couches and carpets – they’re loaded with toxic chemicals. Also, avoid using insecticides when you’re caring for your lawn – they contain chemicals that can cause nervous system damage in pets.

Green Health Care for Pets

Treating your animal’s allergies and illnesses can be a detoxifying experience, too.  The conventional ways of dealing with allergies in pets rely on the use of medications such as antihistamines and corticosteroids. These treatments can be
hard to get right and long-term use can be dangerous, so a holistic approach to allergy prevention can be helpful.

You can also try alternative therapies if your pet were to get sick. Chiropractic, homeopathic, and holistic remedies are becoming increasingly common for pets. However, they do come at a price so pet insurance is a good idea. Not all insurers offer coverage for holistic treatment, so it’s important to read the coverage details carefully. One option is Embrace pet insurance. They offer both cat and dog insurance that include coverage for these types of toxin free treatments, so you can rest assured your pet will have access to the best health care available.

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