Wishes Inspirational Kids Book and $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Wishes is a fun kids book written by Claudia Trinklein-Engman and illustrated by award winning illustrator, Chris Hill.  The author (also a child psychologist) self-published this cute and uplifting book called WISHES in order to foster imagination in a uniquely engaging manner, involving the entire family!

Wishes- Kids Book Cover

One is never too old to believe in the power of hope!  And the kids book, WISHES takes you through a memorable day filled with a variety of ways to make a wish- from the familiar wishing on the first star you see at night, to a host of other quirky ways to make wishes!  It is fun to read and give you lots of great ideas that may become new family traditions- such as making wishes when you cross railroad tracks!

Wishes Book Excerpt
Wishes Book Excerpt

WISHES is clever, fun and you’ll learn a little Spanish too!  The WISHES book has fourteen Spanish phrases interspersed throughout the book (like the one above in blue) and a Spanish/English Glossary at the end.

What people are saying-
“In an age where media saturation supplants children’s urges to dwell in their own imagination, Claudia’s book invites children to find imaginative opportunities everywhere throughout their day, and weaves magic into the activities of everyday life. ”  —Jonathan Kopp, PhD, Child Psychologist

You can buy WISHES at Wishes on Amazon or you can get a personalized, signed copy at Alemar Publishing!  Pretty cool!  You also have the chance to win a WISHES by Claudia Trinklein-Engman right here along with an Amazon gift card to make some wishes come true!

WISHES Autographed Book and $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway:

One lucky reader will win one WISHES autographed children’s book by Claudia Trinklein-Engman and one $50 Amazon Gift Card.

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  1. Elise says

    My favorite way to wish is at 11:11 or your “birth time”- my birthday is November 9th, so my birth/ wish time is 11:09

  2. Dorothea says

    I love the fact that the book is so upbeat and positive! What a beautiful way to spread optimism and hope to children!

  3. Dianna Thomas says

    I like the way that the book encourages the child to open there minds, dream , and go forward, to use the imagination.

  4. cathy henatyszen says

    the book sounds great… I was taught as a child growing up near a river, that the rocks with white lines that went all the way around them/through them were ‘wishing rocks’ and we’d make a wish and toss them into the river

  5. Noelle says

    I loved the “Wishes” book because it shows that no matter where you are or how crazy it seems , you can make whatever kind of wish you want in whatever kind of way. It opens up your imagination and shows you all these different possibilities on making a wish.

    Though this book does gives you many ideas ( Of which my daughter and I can’t wait to try. ) if you don’t know where to start. 😉

    Here are mine and my daughters top 6 favorite ways to make a wish. :)

    1. Wishing on a shooting star
    2. Throwing a coin into a wishing well or fountain.
    3. Making a wish while blowing a dandelion
    4. Making a wish every time we happen to look at the clock and it has the same hour/minute. Such as 12:12, 11:11,10:10 etc.
    5. Making a wish when we blow out our birthday candles.
    6. At exactly 12:00 am on New Years day.

  6. Mary Beth West says

    I love that this book encourages kids to use their imagination and believe that anything can happen! We wish on birthday candles!

  7. Vonnie says

    I love that this book includes Spanish words. Our family is beginning to learn Spanish together and books like this is wonderful!

  8. Elsie says

    We each make a wish when two people say the same words at the exact same time…..
    such as “good morning!” !
    I enjoyed reading all of the other wishing ideas…
    I just made a secret wish, can you guess what it is?!

  9. Peggy D says

    looks like a great book….I love learning the different ways to make a wish, maybe one will work for me!!!


  10. Jennifer T. says

    My favorite way to make a wish is to have my daughter take an eyelash from her cheek, put it in her palm, close her eyes, and blow. If the eyelash is gone, her wish will come true.

  11. sandra davis says

    we love to make wishes on the first star we see at night and love to throw pennies in a fountain and make a wish

  12. Michelle C says

    I would love to share this book with my youngest daughter who has just learned to read! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  13. Susan Johnson says

    I like that it engages children’s imagination, not only through the pictures in the book, but by the child making various wishes for things. I’m not sure what the purpose of the interspersed random Spanish is, to me it doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t keep me from liking the book in general.

  14. Eloise C says

    I love the illustrations and that it includes some Spanish for the kids to learn. Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  15. JD Hoppe says

    since i was a kid, i would make wish at night looking up at stard and doing the starlight starbright, first star i see, i wish i may, i wish might have the wish i wish tonight.

  16. Pamela Halligan says

    I like that it teaches children a little Spanish while telling a good story. I still like to make a wish while blowing away Dandelion seed pods.

  17. Kristina Vieweg says

    I love that it promotes hope, it’s a great quality to have! I remember having a rabbits foot when I was younger, I thought it was magical!

  18. Heather! says

    We do the ‘lift your feet’ thing at railroad tracks, but for us it’s ‘touch a screw and lift your feet’! I also make wishes at 11:11 and when the clasp of my necklace is in the front. I’m superstitious!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  19. Kathy Lane says

    My favorite way to make a wish is what I grew up hearing.Star light Star bright first star I seen tonight.I wish a may I wish I might get this wish I wish tonight.You say that when you see the first star at night.I have taught it to my kids.

  20. Tari Lawson says

    I like to make a wish when the clasp of my necklace comes around to the front and I have to turn it to the back.

  21. Jean says

    I love that it encourages imagination and the Spanish is a bonus – my daughter goes to a Spanish-language magnet school and has Spanish three days a week!

  22. Barbie S says

    my favorite way to make a wish is to close my eyes, cross my fingers, turn around left to right in a circle 3 times and then jump up for joy.

  23. Raine says

    It sounds like a wonderful book, I’m 38 and I still wish -old and new ways. The wishbone from holiday meals, B’Day candles, stars….and I never tell my wish (I still worry it won’t come true)

  24. Dena Albright says

    That is one thing we can never get taken away from us as we get older “The power to still be able to Wish”

  25. Tami Valentine says

    I love that there are many Spanish words in the book. I often work with Spanish speaking students so this would be a very fun book to share with them.

  26. Jill Myrick says

    We always make a wish when blowing out the candles on birthday cakes and when we have a wishbone from a chicken or a turkey.


  27. meme says

    This book really looks like a great book for my kids. I love how they do all different ways of wishing and the way they mixed a few spanish words that kids can have fun learning .

  28. heather c says

    I have several ways, such as three yellow lights in a row wishing, eyelash wishing and birthday candles wishing. All awesome.

  29. Barbara Stenby says

    wishes are so important as a child they create hope and without them life is less happy, so thats why I still believe that wishes do count because sometimes they come true.

  30. Aura-Lee Capps says

    My 7 year old daughter would love this book… she loves and believes wishing on shooting stars and the first star out at night.

  31. Kari Flores says

    I think its great that the book can create some traditions within the family on making wishes. My favorite way to make a wish is by blowing an eye lash that falls out.

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