Activities To Do With The Kids Over Spring Break

        Surely each of us as a parent has felt stuck in the everyday life and the routine. With spring break season upon us and summer right around the corner, here are some fun ideas for new activities to do with your kids.  Use the time together to teach your children important things and to help them adopt very useful skills.  Remember to cherish this special time with your kids as it passes and changes so quickly as they grow older.  Here are some suggestions for activities that are a lot fun for the whole family.

New Activities To Do With The Kids

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Paint Pottery


In case your kids are keen on art, you can spend all day painting pre-made pottery in your back yard or over newspaper at your kitchen table.  Children will develop their creativity and taste for the nice things, and adults will be surprised at how relaxing and fun this can be.  You can find pottery sets that you can buy that come with paint that you can bake on or you can visit a pottery painting studio and make the mess there and let them bake it professionally there.  You may even want to search for a pottery making studio that will let you make the pottery you will paint for a little extra fun!

Play Bingo


Playing bingo is a great family game that kids and adults of all ages can play together. You can play bingo and make it even more fun with a few prizes- anything from movie night to no chores day. My grandmother used to have bingo as a birthday party activity when I was little and it was always a big hit with my party guest.

Search For Hidden Treasure


To find the hidden treasure and to be a pirate is a dream of every little boy. It even continues to be the secret dream of many grown boys, that is why many men are filling their free time with computer games based on this topic! To play this game in the park or in your back with your son can guarantee very entertaining time during the weekend. There is a special web site that will help you organize this game better. It is called Parents can track the hidden objects with their smart phones and things can get really fun for your mystery solvers. Of course you can customize the game and adjust it to your special needs and abilities.

A Day On The Water


If you live near the sea or the ocean, then you are really lucky!  Choose this advantage to organize a sailing with a boat, followed by a nice afternoon spent with delicious food on the beach. Believe it or not few things can beat the time spent on the beach and it is always big fun, because there is water and you can splash and swim and enjoy the sun till the sunset.  This is also true if you live near a lake or a river, rent a canoe or a boat and get out and enjoy a day on the water.  Of course, make sure you use proper water safety.  Don’t live near any bodies of water?  Try finding a water park you can visit for a splashin’ good time.

Visit An Orchard or Farm


There is no better way to teach your kids a little something about the nature then to bring them to an orchard or any other garden with fruits or vegetables and to show them where part of the food comes from. Surely each of us remembers how fun it was to pick fruits and vegetables straight from the plant. It will be very useful activity for your children and if you visit a pick it yourself farm, you can have even more fun afterwards by making jelly or a meal that uses your fresh produce.

I hope you enjoy your family time!  What other family activities do you like to do when you get the time?

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    As an adult I only started paying attention to nature recently. I have several beaches nearby but for a whole decade I ignored them. Last year I began spending time by the ocean and I have experienced many benefits including better quality sleep, less stress and overwhelm from daily demands and more contentment with life.
    Thanks for writing this article.

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