Modern Twist Eco Placemats Review

Modern-twist is a San Francisco-based company that thrives on the great multi-cultural and diverse community of the Bay Area that is passionate about the planet and also exceptionally proud of the eclectic art scenes that inhabit their neighborhoods. Bringing art to the table via collaborations with independent artists and designers, Modern-twist is a pioneer in the use of food-grade, hand-silkscreened silicone.

Eco Lifestyle Products From Modern-Twist:

Modern Twist offers gorgeous tabletop placemats, kids placemats, trivets, coasters, place cards and wine-tasting note cards; all available in simple designs and beautiful color patterns. With a minimalist aesthetic, Modern-twist home accessories exhibit unmatched elegance and innovation in the design and use of silicone. All Modern-twist tableware products are completely recyclable, free of BPA, latex and chemicals, and perfect for an eco-friendly home.


Modern-Twist Placemats Review

I was very excited to try the Modern-Twist placemats because they just look so classy!  Plus, I love that they are waterproof so they protect my table.  I also love that they are eco-friendly and free of BPA and chemicals so they protect my kiddos when they eat straight off the mat!  When I got them in the mail I was wasn’t quite sure what to expect but when I felt them I knew that they were different from any other placemat I had ever touched.  They are soft and flexible.  They feel nice and they get great traction against the table so that they don’t slip around or slide off the table easily, which is great with kids!  I choose the Jardin Placemats- Fig on Clear Base.  I love their simple, elegant design.  They go nicely with any setting and they look lovely next to the natural grain of the wood.  With a minimalist aesthetic, this eco-chic placemat is designed for optimal functionality with an easy-to-clean, non-porous, germ-free surface.  I love that! You can check out the whole line of silicone lifestyle products at

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